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He ended up with some puncture arm but yeah it's it's a you know it's pretty it's pretty cool to see these countries where they don't have a welldeveloped augsburg culture they're trying to get into psa the hard part is you gotta have dogs of the quality that are necessary to work in that sport and you've got to have the training knowledge correct it does take a little while for them to ramp up but we have so many dedicated people in these in these foreign countries that are getting into it and also around the states that you know that are getting into it and putting a lot of effort into building it and that sort of thing so it's it's pretty it's impressive from my background and and to answer your question no i i really i never really thought about it growing internationally to be honest with you know when it when we started in canada which are are first you know foreign country even on my canadian friends foreigners to me they're just like light versions of america exactly and they started up there and we started growing up there and all be in canada for you know for a couple of events this year and we've got austrailia going and shaun edwards one of our decoys he's the famous deadpool decoy on facebook i'm sure you saw him and his is a little bit of atta control caused play going on right so so you know he's going to be down there he's a yes a judge in an initial level decoys going to be down there doing a seminar on and and judging trial and australian june so yeah we got tons of stuff coming up south africa again airland is having an event in you know in august as well south africa capetown south africa going to malaysia next month to you know sort of introduced the sport over there little bit i just got back from costa rica last month doing that so it's it's a lot of traveling but it's a lot of fun.

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