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Consoling the victims of the mass shooting that happened over the weekend earlier in the day he was in Dayton Ohio with First Lady melania trump offering condolences to victims they're all being treated at a hospital after the mass shooting the city's entertainment district early Sunday morning critics there say there's a disconnect between his words and his actions following tweets criticized Dayton's lawmakers we have more baby sis Jordan felt it was just minutes really after they left that day in the hospital that they were back on airforce one and we saw a series of tweets fired off an attack no from the president's director of social media dance give you know there and Stephanie Christian the White House press secretary accusing these two politicians of mis characterizing the president's visit saying that the president got a hero's welcome essentially inside that hospital it's hard to check that since the White House didn't allow any cameras in ABC's Jordan felt Phelps said is traveling with the president the anonymous tip line used to report potential threats in Colorado schools set another record Attorney General Phil wiser says safety Tel received nearly twenty thousand actionable tips during the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen school year that's a twenty eight percent increase from the year before it could be a school shooting obviously that's what motivated safe to tell but it also could be threats of suicide or someone who has illegal weapons or drugs safe to tell also received five hundred fifty one reports in July that's up from three hundred four in twenty eighteen the F. B. I.'s operation independence they sought to locate and rescue missing miners at risk of sexual exploitation and or press the traffickers exploiting them the month long July operation has resulted in the recovery or identification of ten child victims and the arrest of sixty seven sexual sex traffickers nationwide you're in Denver for child victims and ate it all victims were identified one sex trafficker has been arrested hi hers found a man's body floating on big soda lake a lake with this morning John Romero with they could police say investigators are looking into one possible late last night report raiders in the area defined a capsized boat in the lake this morning a deceased body was found by kayakers in the area right now we are working to see if those two incidents are related man's identity is not being released yet Rockies fall to the Houston Astros fourteen to three Stroh's strip a sweat that is the two game series rocky said up to.

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