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Not seeing any kind of spikes from the general public and even Miami and South Florida you definitely see a decline from where they were Miami reported sixty nine cases today at their at their height they read five hundred in early April Texas voters who fear contracting covert nineteen at the polls will be able to cast a ballot by mail the Texas attorney general's office says increased mail in ballots could lead to voter fraud the district court's opinion ignores the evidence and disregards well established law mark rightly ended with the AG's office says the ruling is being appealed in Texas only people with disabilities can vote by mail but per the judge's ruling that condition includes fear of contracting coronavirus horse Bonnie Clayton aval secretary of state Mike Pompeii held his first news conference since the firing of the state department's inspector general and reacted to reports of the firing was an act of retaliation let's be clear there are claims that this was were retaliation for some investigation that the inspector general's office here was engaged in patently false I have no sense of what investigations were taking place inside the inspector general's office now Virginia state senator with a colorful past suing former congresswoman Barbara Comstock the alleged victim is Joe Morrissey who once served with Comstock when both were in the house of delegates on a Richmond radio show last year Comstock called Morrissey a predator and quote we had to warn the girls to stay away from him in his complaint Morrissey says those comments were deliberate intentional and calculated to harm him and that they injured slandered and harmed its good standing in the community Morrissey did once pleaded contributing to the delinquency of a minor for a relationship with his then seventeen year old employee they later married and now have a family together John Matthews on.

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