Vice President, UK, Britain discussed on World Story of the Day : NPR - Brexit Leaves French Fishermen On The Hook


So as stefan pinto he's been fishing since 1987 and his vice president of the regional fishing committee dumbed equally was eighty percent of fish come from the british side so that makes up eighty percent of our revenue as well we'll take that away and the regional economy takes a big hit i meet pinto is he and his crew unload their latest catch most of its soul and reset a type of dogfish thanks sort the fish into containers packed with ice the catcher sold at dawn the next morning to customers like restaurant owner low romped walk home mark will feed eastern photos it seat and for me very impotent to buy two fish in boiling he only serves fish caught by boulogne fishermen at his high end restaurant flip large without this fish he says he'll go out of business in the uk buried dis from the national federation of fishermen's organisations says he understands but you fleets kirch about four times as much uk waters as uk vessels catch in eu waters i think it's right for the french to expect quite a lot of change but britain may not welcome all that change says french fishing company manager kristoff qalib wishing zipser europe european community we ducks quite to wrote english product english fish which will make it harder for the english to sell their fish to europe kalin is based in the port of leg given neck in the busy fishing region of brittany on the west coast he fears that after brexit french fishermen will battle each other crowded into a narrow band of seat.

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