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Talk Wireless. And let's get straight to it. Notre Dame was trailing with less than 90 seconds to go. Jack Cohen leads them on a touchdown drive. And now Notre Dame has the lead 32 29 in the fourth quarter. Less than a minute ago, Jack Cone Throws the touchdown. It was with a minute nine to go in the fourth. Trevor and look, It's been a mixed bag today for Cone. Earlier he was essentially benched and they needed a shot in the arm, and they brought in the true freshman to give it to him. Yeah, they did. And they kind of had to because the offense was moving the ball, but it wasn't finishing. They were, um behind. 16 to 14 at the end of the first half, and then in the second half, they end up having all kinds of problems on offense. They end up with a fumble. They that leads to a touchdown for Toledo in the second half a long touchdown drive, then incomes the freshman now that's kind of kind of weird because you didn't Cone would be the guy they want. But Tyler Buckner came in and ran to drives. The first drive was a 55 yard touchdown pass to running back Chris Tyree. Okay, that worked out pretty well. The next drive. They're moving the ball with Buckner and they end up fumbling the ball. Kyra Williams running back, fumbled the ball and Toledo gets it back. So then cone comes back in now they're trailing 29 to 24. And Cone comes back in and leads a three play touchdown drive to go up 32 29. They scored the touchdown. They got the two point conversion, and now there are by three with about a minute to go. So cone there was a fire lit under him, For goodness sake, when Buckner came in and did a lot of really good things, But I know the name realized that late in this game, they needed experience rather than a hotshot rookie to make sure that they were able to distribute the ball to the guys I need to distribute it to and that dust down, wasn't it? 18 yard throw the tight end Michael Mayer. Michael Mayer last week against Florida State and keep dropped late if they were able to still win. But last week, nine catches 120 yards and a touchdown, this one from 18 yards out from Jack Cone, and then they go for two. To go up. Three. Avery Davis Little trickeration Kyron Williams for the two point conversion and so right now number eight Notre Dame with a 32 to 29 lead over Toledo. Notre Dame has won 24 consecutive home games. Dating back to 2017. That's the second longest active streak across the FBS. Second only to Clemson is 1 28 consecutive home games, and it's the longest home win streak by the fighting Irish Since winning 28 straight on their home turf from 1942 to 19 fifties, So we'll see if Notre Dame can hang on its 1st and 15 for Toledo at their own eight yard line. They started out with a false start. Not a good start for your potentially game tying drive minute nine to go there in the fourth quarter, Jack Cone 21 33 239 yards and two touchdowns. Toledo's offense has been really good. Ryan, Quebec 2021 carry 122 yards and a touchdown. Devin Maddox, eight catches for a buck 22 Jack Cone essentially gets benched comes back in. And delivers them with the lead. 32 to 29 minutes five to go in the fourth straight talk Wireless No contract. No compromise. Trevor. Look when when you look at it, I mean, obviously, Notre Dame. Come off That emotional win last week is going to be some questions. Obviously, you know the questions for Brian Kelly are going to be. Is there a quarterback controversy after this one? Right? And there may be because Jack Cone experienced quarterback transferred in from Wisconsin. But remember that the reason he transferred out of there is a grammars. The freshman was going to take his job. And so there are a lot of people that are waiting to see more from Jack home before they believe in him. Now he did well last week against Florida State, But keep this in mind if you're a Notre Dame fan. Your team went down to Notre to Tallahassee, Florida State, a team that they should have blown out and ended up blowing a big fourth quarter lead. It was an 18 point fourth quarter lead or second half lead anyway, that Notre Dame blue for it to go to overtime. And then they finally won. Right. Well, okay, so they survived in advance, and now Toledo, which is a good team. A lot of people think that Toledo could win the Mac this year, but still Toledo at home in Notre Dame and Notre Dame Stadium. Is taking them to the absolute wire and that the thing about Notre Dame fans is that you know, you get to know kind of the personality of fan base is right and the personality of Notre Dame fans as a group, I think is that of having the most angst of any fan base in all of college football. I mean, they could be ahead to an FCS school question playing, there could be a head to, you know, Call it a high school by 30 points in the second half, and Notre Dame fans would be thinking about all the ways that they can Blow the game, right? And so even if they hold on to be Toledo in this game isn't over. Yet. Toledo's got the ball with less than a minute to go. Even if they hold on to beat Toledo. Notre Dame fans are going to be up in arms about the way this team has started this season. After last year, making the playoffs. There's no question about it. And this was a team that wasn't expected to take much of a step back, But they had to certainly replace quite a bit specifically at the quarterback position to replace a lot, But this is Florida State. Almost lost. The Florida State took it to overtime, and then now Toledo has a chance to beat him. Toledo's one play away from winning this game in the final minute. We'll keep you updated on that Notre Dame will host Purdue next week and they've got Wisconsin Cincinnati, Virginia Tech. USC and North Carolina. Think about that stretch and we'll see how they get through that, but again got to get through this final minute will continue to keep you updated. Magic Trevor Matic here on college GameDay on ESPN Radio. Other scores Spencer Peters and the 10th ranked Iowa Hawkeyes are Inside the Iowa State 35 yard line, but a fumble looks like it's recovered by Iowa State and it is look like they were going to go in for another score. After 35 Yard line of Iowa State, but a fumble on the plane with a minute 42 to go in the second quarter. Iowa State will take over trailing 7 to 3. 73 is also the score in Denver, Colorado, the Buffs with that lead less than five minutes to go in the third quarter. Big play for a and M gain of about 20 yards. But that's going to come back with what looks to be a holding penalty and number seven Cincinnati with a 21 to 7 lead over Murray State and about to add more to that first doubted.

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