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I mean even reading. Jane Mares piece on Al Franken. Al Franken is of course a big public figure. You know this is a eight women that accused thing. No one's accused him of sexual assault. Everyone's accused him to sort of being uncomfortable and awkward and of course John Maher starts the peace with him like shuffling around his apartment and his socks and the the the blinds are drawn and he's like despondent and depressed and they have we gone too far well I can. I can personally vouch for that because I see Al Franken Al Franken's. Kids live close to me so I've seen him two or three times. <hes> I've met him <hes>. I I interviewed him interviewed me for Air America when the minister came out at a have a slightly bad memory of that moment which I've never told the stove I'll Italian justice because it's sort of something Jane Mayer said because in the Jane Mayer Peace. They said he's got a reputation for something a bit. Broosk yes so I was other trade from D._C.. He to New York <hes> watching very drake. The Mike Leigh Film abortion is not the most miserable film you possibly it is. What should the film betrayed. Luckily more and more like leak despondent. I got off the China went straight to America and that's sort of joke. I said to Al Franken like I was sat down with. The Sun was just finishing. He was about to interview me and I said you know I just I said. I just watched out. Just watch drake on the train coming here and you know road and it's maybe it was a bad idea to that suppressing movie before doing. Just you know doing this comedic interview and he kind of well. What would you do that was. What would you do that and then finished him any. Why would you watch the film yeah. Why would I watch. Why would I watch it depressing film before during the comedic interview. I said it's like a little funny thing to essay and Al Franken I in a way I thought about it. Initially is that the Jane Mayer is not doing great job here because I mean he sounds like a complete astle and then I realized has it. Maybe that's the point is that he's not yet pervert. He's an asshole right and those are two different. Things yeah okay so that's how. I met him years later. I was listening to giant scientist. The Senate is his book Sanish really sad because if not if none of this happened he could be he could be in the race me absolutely and and he walked past me in on in Riverside Park. We gave each other big smiles and then a couple of weeks later the whole thing happened and then I've seen him about twice since then then on on both occasions. He just looks broken. Yeah and it's really sad I mean you know. This is why people keep shouting at him. You shouldn't have quit the Senate because because every time anybody sees Al Franken as far as I can tell you is to in my situation is that he looks like a broken man I i.. I'm not sure I always I always feel bad about. It's like I guess comics do their their routines every night and people here at twice but I always feel bad that maybe feel heard this before in the show. I don't remember upset but I was. About ten feet from Al Franken when he was told Oh yeah that's a picture of me walking and there's Al Franken getting up from the committee is described as PS and he he's he's walking up at the beginning of the committee meeting and he doesn't attend that's him walking out the end of his career. I was standing right there and Al Franken's there and the guy comes in whispers <unk> prison his ear and we were shooting a piece Senator Blumenthal. WHO's on the Judiciary Committee? We got there early Franken's the first person in there I mean others Al Franken Guy we're sitting there guy whispers in his ear and he gets up and walks out but twenty minutes later alert comes on the phone and says Al Franken's career is over you know does the punishment fit the crime. Was it <music>..

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