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Be signed within the next seven days and I'm not talking franchise yeah you're talking long term deal I say no and I honestly think that by I got I'm on the hot streak right now because I'm pretty sure I predicted the Ole you did the meaning the large our Dallas thank you R. I. P. I because you guys are gonna get done that week and I was like NASA Friday made it till Tuesday till Tuesday unbelievable I don't I don't think I actually had to give an answer some very happy about that yeah you did the fence per usual but in this instance now he's not going to get signed right there so far away they'll say they're so far away and like the only thing that we have that we're trying to hang our our hope on in this is that the cowboys offered another deal that all indications are are like two isn't too far away from the previous deal right like I don't know what they think is you know has changed here because dak hasn't lost any leverage in these negotiations right so like I imagined it by the second I imagine that he would have to go out of their way to make a deal to get done and I'm not certain that they're willing to do that this is by the way from the two one for here on out of flex leasing Phanteks we get a Pervis Ellison and I don't know if this if this is a joke yeah we appreciate that right we also hear from the A. one seven we got a shout out to get there's an NFL tie in yes I've got this story so former cowboys quarterback coach Jon Kitna he's been announced as the new head football coach at Burlison high school how about that goes back to high school football he was at Waxahachie Indians then he left once the cowboys is a cornerbacks coach now back is that coach Burleson only problem is Burlison there in five A. division two they play in the same district as the Aledo Bearcats the reigning.

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