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Warrants further your current discussion unlike global warming which has not threatened anybody's life at this time how come the people in the Democratic Party who seems to be the champion of the people isn't front and center on this issue and like to hear your opinion yeah that's actually yeah that's actually very interesting the the the the reason why they care more about global warming of the coronavirus is the coronavirus is gonna kill a soul in the next couple weeks whereas global warming isn't going to kill anybody maybe for two hundred years I made the the this talk about even if you believe everything they say about sea levels in the Maldives them that the Maldives and get me on the water and until the eight twenty three hundred or whatever then as that population is almost entirely Sunni Muslim they can move them all to the south of France and they'll fit right in in the greater mas se area no one will will notice it but that's actually how that's actually Bloomberg Bloomberg is running as a technocrat who solves problems he he actually he actually doesn't solve problems he souls problems that will occur at at midway through this millennium that's why he's obsessed with climate change I'm afraid so he couldn't for example I he's concerned about sea levels in the Maldives he can actually keep water out of the New York City Subway jeering swat will select one superstorm sandy because he actually embodies the dysfunction of big government big government com do anything big if you want to keep water out and apparently he's not bothered about any things New York because if you if you haven't have superstorm sandy and it means you go to swim for the town style that moment that's just tough you just have to adjust to it in in fact well most places I had this I actually testified to this in Congress before that guy what was the name of the the senator in in Florida bill who go out to he got defeated the last time around and managed to lose to the Republicans are anyway was I eat like have this fixed smile on his face like cab well the way it is if he does been had had a facelift the to tighten them up a bit too much but anyway that guy he's going on to me about water in in the streets of Miami beach and I sent him build a flood area the Dutch coast that's low lying it's got a flood barrier the river Thames such going to flood buyer Barry ascent Petersburg in Russia has a flood Baria but if you actually want to try and build a flood Baria they couldn't do it they'd be like years and years and years of in car is and all the rest of it and then when you built it wouldn't log on to put some story here that in Virginia on the subway thank god I should put in by cracks they take five years supported by cracks thank you the big government the comic she do anything big is completely important government only can do big is bureaucracy and regulation so if you don't water in the in the in the subway all at Simpson's anyone old one a bill to fund he can do that many Bloomberg couldn't do that again they begin to regulate the soldier Audi Amberg Abadi comic C. regulate the water out of the New York City Subway the coronavirus just to come back to where we started I sold somebody today saying there's gonna be some content of fifty people died in China yesterday of this thing it's in about fifteen but I think it's in twenty six countries getting up to name a fifteen percent of the number of countries on us I which is pretty good because apparently before they quarantine grew hand us some five million people got out of the city and got on planes and went all over the world and so at some at some point then then I'll having it spreads not just by people who've been in China but by people who were infected because they met someone who was in China and we've got a situation where we're supposed to believe not just the Chinese government but the World Health Organization the World Health Organization when it was sars fifteen years ago well also only enough the World Health Organization is also has high ranking people from the world's failed states and dictatorships and all the rest of it on the boards of the World Health Organization and then terribly reliable too so we've got a situation we've got a situation here where we may be you know we get all excited about Amy clover Shara had that she's up a couple of points now because she had a good night in New Hampshire and it may be that in this great scheme of the great pageant of human history Amy Kobe shod doesn't really matter and every instead to anti civilizations gonna collapse because I'm just putting that out there we may leave that till a question on open line Friday the entire collapse of global civilization just a small.

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