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Obviously he's not going anywhere and then here they are yeah. I don't know if I can think of somebody's specific civic offhand but I mean definitely like sometimes you'll look at somebody's IMDB profile and be like. Oh they actually like were around for twenty any five years but I only knew them from this one thing you know Mary Astor is somebody who's Kinda like that where she was just like working working working and then her career kind of ebbed and flowed. ooh You know like a like a Marcia gay harden or something and then she won an Oscar and that kind of transformed things and put her in the Pantheon but she also had this crazy like sex diary scandal. That like happened when she was at a real low point in her career and instead of killing off her career as everybody expected it to do. Because has there was the nineteen thirties. It made her more famous. People were like Mary Astor. Who Knew? Yeah like Kim Kardashian. It's like crazy that we even thought that Paris Hilton and any Kim Kardashians careers would be over or whatever. No one would give a shit about them after their sex days when like it's been proven again and again that people don't seem to care about that and it's not even like were we're prudes or anything of anything we're the opposite. So it's like it's every everything repeats itself even though people you know will say like Oh not this time not this time. We're smarter. Whatever sort of switching gears a little bit? Why do you choose the specific stories that you dive into? What about a specific topic usually calls you towards like making episode about it? Well you I mean over the past few years I've focused on during seasons And so because it's just a lot easier ear to Focus on like a theme that can contain a lot of stories rather than having to start from scratch to research each individual story so the the first thing I look four is when I have one idea is are there other ideas. Are there other things that can connect to this within a container And then usually it's like if I figure you're out that there's like five or six different stories. That could all go together. I basically decide you know. Am I passionate about this or not and usually the thing that kind of sustains my interest because it is a really long time as I said like I started working on this in March y'All episodes are written and recorded right now. But we're still editing them. Obviously I'm still talking about them so you do have to be willing to commit something for a long time You know usually the thing that would make me feel that passionate about it. As if there's something in this stuff steph from past that I can connect to the present day and so you know the song of the South as I said. I wasn't really that aware of Disney. Plus it was more that when I was starting to to research at Green Book had just one Oscar and there was this sort of this conversation about like white people making movies about black people and I. I'd you know. Song of the South is kind of the ultimate white people thinking they're doing something good and liberal and progressive by making a movie about black people and just like not being able to hear hear or understand criticism of it. That was one thing that just reminded me that was. Was it David O cells neck or Victor Fleming. I'm not sure who was in in the mix but I think you said David cells but how he thought he was doing something incredibly progressive by like making little changes to the novel for Gumbo. Yeah we yeah so funny to think of this guy thinking he's making some like huge progressive statement with gone with the wind of all people but that is the Green Book Story. That is Nick Milonga being like hell. Yeah like this is great. This is a good thing I was wondering. Are there any Celebrities or people stories. That you've researched searched come across that haven't fit into your show that who stories you still like are obsessed with and looking for ways to put into like a future show or maybe look a little deeper like. Is there any it person that we would find. Maybe waiting in the wings. Yeah yeah I mean like basically one of the first stars I ever knew about was Natalie. Wood She died when I was. It's like a year old and my mom was obsessed with her. My mom thought that I looked.

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