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Go home cues number apple podcasts and ride off in the sunset and believe that I'm gonna take my black lab. Kelly get in my corvette Zeo six. I haven't driven it in quite a while. And put about fifty sixty miles on that thing just cruise around into highways one if you Aaron's and enjoy that car before all the snow in winter hits up here in Nevada. What's that stuff hits? That corvette will be in the shop not out there, and they elements saw we'll get much yet in while akin. Anyway, I want to thank my wife. Joining me here on a podcast day and help me break down the broken school. Margarita have tweaked this recipe. I love this recipe. And my opinion is the best recipe for Margarita going in. I'll put my Margarita that I had make head to head against any Marguerite in United States or in the world for that matter if you can make a better Margarita than me. I challenge you to it any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Please if you use. My recipe. Exercise caution don't go haywire. Never drink and drive. If you do have some of these, and you are out have a designated driver never ever drinking draft. I never do that a walk across to this club to get my, Marguerite. Well, go there anymore because I'm such a snob. I make them myself. That's how picky I am with my Margarita recipe, and if no one can live up to my standards, I just assumed not drink one or drink the ones, I make it the house so be careful with this. Enjoy it. And let me tell you this. If you're gonna drink a bunch of Margaritas every single day, not workout you will put out some tonnage these things, regardless of how you make it more than someone selling US skinny Margarita mix or any of that other. She if you like it, that's fine. Go ahead and drink it. But I'm just saying anytime you start drinking a whole bunch of alcohol, and you're not working out. You're gonna gain weight until I would use these for special occasions once a week or whatever. But if you drink some bitches every single day. Like I've done during deer season your ass. We'll put on some weight. So to be forewarned is to be full armed, and that's coming from the man who's done. It all damn sheer myself at the broken skull ranch hanging out with Ted Fowler. Three six one on my own time. Mrs recipe as good as it is. If you ain't working out, we'll put weight on your so enjoy it. But don't go crazy with them. While I'm talking about alcohol. I got a damn beer. It's an app if you love up as again, I'll put this up head to head with any beer in the United States of America. Brokerage Goliath as from El Segundo brewing company formulated by myself, rob crock, Saul the two of us drinking over a table of beer coming up at this recipe for this bad ass app. You can find in California, and we're not too many other states ever done, and they'll take him, okay? Batch out somewhere. But it's a California beer as just too hard to get distribution to get out there. But if you in southern California, you can find it a whole foods and total wine, and if you don't live in southern California, you are. Probably shit outta luck. But if you are at LA for business stopped by one forty main street over there, and they'll go four miles from LAX get some fresh out of the tap or by coupla bombers, those are twenty two ounce bottles and take them with you. If you look into get a bad ass pocket knife, which I highly suggest everybody world have check to coast Brooklyn school now, it's bad ass. Slim. Three aunts bad ass, super sharp knife or the new work and managed knife a little bit more economically price..

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