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Do with helping low wage workers make more money a better have a lot to do with the fence on the southern border so every five or ten years when i have more dhaka and more dhaka and more daca what daca is gonna do is telling the world come on down that we're gonna make legal what what two or three million dhaka and family members so there's going to be another daca and another amnesty and another daca and another amnesty for a long long time new citizens can bring siblings and adult children their mothers and fathers the eight hundred thousand is more like three million and if we do it now it's going to happen again in and again and again is ronald reagan said a 1980 six the worst thing he did was president was accept amnesty for illegal aliens whose mere presence here indicates they've committed a crime so we got the president now because of the behaviour mcconnell and ryan which has been despicable pushed into the arms of chonkin nancy who are gloating where is the art of the deal i want to see a field deal i wanted to see a deal negotiated by a master dealmaker not chuck schumer and not nancy pelosi who's having mental difficulties but something to the effect of if i gave you these eight hundred thousand and no chain migration do we get the fence do we giddy verify what else do we get now the words and let the democrats decide whether to keep daca illegal and the president and that six months timeframe needs to say get the hell out of here the democrats would not deal and dole tell me mr president you're the greatest master of the deal in american history that for the increase spending you can't get the penny plan reducing spending and the federal government by one percent every year a penny on the dollar you mean you can every day reduction is spending for a penny on the dollar of course you can so let's let's continue having a bad night i got a cluster migraine i have project oh vomiting and i have explosive diarrhea and those blood oozing from my eyeballs i'm having a bad night so tell me if what's happened this week especially wendy wednesday night one shock in nancy came out and said we got the deal we got doc what happened what did we get for dhaka if you legalize amnesty.

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