President Vladimir Putin, BBC, U. S Food And Drug Administration discussed on BBC World Service


Act. People living in coastal areas of Fiji in the Western Pacific have been told to head for higher ground is the island nation expects 16 M waves caused by super Cyclone Yassa The category five storm has been gaining in strength with wind gusts of more than 300 kilometers per hour. Yes, sir, was forecast to make landfall later on Thursday. President Vladimir Putin is to to take questions from journalists and some members of the public today it his annual press conference this year. The Russian leader will appear via video link because of the coronavirus. Domestic issues are expected to dominate, including rising food prices on unemployment. But there will be interesting. Interesting what Mr Putin has to say about Joe Biden's election victory. BBC news. Thank you very much. Indeed. For that, and welcome to news day follow. Maestro is working from home. I'm James Cottle at New Broadcasting House in central London. In the next half hour. We'll speak to the mother who fought for many years to have air pollution officially recognized as one of the causes of her young daughter's death or hear what it feels like to test positive for Comic 19 is you're about to go into labor. And we'll talk to an actor turned virtual games Master to explain shortly. Remember, you can keep up with the program by following the BBC World Service on Facebook and Twitter, and you could send us a text on anything you hear our news day number is past 447786 2050 85. We start in the USA, where second covert 19 vaccine maybe rolled out within days. The U. S Food and Drug Administration is meeting later today with the aim of voting on the authorization for the emergency use.

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