Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott contract rumors continue to swirl amid negotiations



Lesson here with the cowboys and Dak and Prescott the last time that they did in one theory of these working towards working in two thousand out thirteen a contract with Tony Romo. before the July Six Fifteenth years one hundred Deadline. eighteen million For them and to get Romo a deal couldn't done. be That's franchise fifty tag four could days awaited. from Instead now in Dallas. he got Of a guarantee course place of the fifty exclusive five franchise million and eighteen tag point on one Dak million Prescott average. back in The March guarantee and since was then. the second It feels most like there's among been a quarterbacks lot of talk now very in fairness little to movement. Prescott Romo was Get working to the bottom off a sixty of this already. seven Water million dollar is standing contract by and Prescott a made about bunch four of numbers million got on floated his rookie out deal there yesterday. so There was a sort little of racing bit of a difference around there the Internet for those for a guys little while. a huge I always difference. wonder Obviously when in so that many sort of ways thing I happens I think if is I'm a fan if there today is an the agenda. question I What want can to ask you tell you us is. about Is where there things any stand reason right now? to be concerned? That deal doesn't get Well done by posturing July fifteenth. are always a part of high profile Well there's always sports a reason contracts like reason we're talking to be concerned about here. because when you get to that The deadline facts are it what can really crop matter. up Greenie pretty as fast. you know But when in twenty fifteen I believe again the cowboys another history have lesson Dez offered Bryant Dak had the Prescott franchise tag something approaching and that a went five right year. to the deadline Thirty minutes five before the deadline. million dollars He signed per his year year. Seventy deal million which dollar would contract be with the cowboys what? Russell Wilson and makes as they the were highest able paid to get player that in the done NFL after he was not but really Prescott around during run the off season adamantly right. Now there's denied really to nothing me that Prescott that they've missing proposed on forty the field five million dollars because of this virtual for a off-season fifth program. year has now I've been reported. a feeling that greedy. According to my sources We're GONNA go of through primary this for another difference fifty between four days back and on and that fifty the cowboys fourth day you'll is that see they the cowboys WANNA four and Dak year Prescott deal. The come cowboys to an agreement want all right. a I five have a year. Deal or book longer us for live on and that one morning source tacos. told me. We'll Greenie definitely that need while then. there's no If agreement that's what it's GonNa on get the money done. Thank you so that much. the Well parameters have a great on weekend a per all right. year He's basis here's or close my crew enough today. I've got Mike that Tannenbaum they feel they're and within I believe striking making his distance first in appearance that regard on. and that Get there up is this morning a deal and it to will certainly be made not be the but last the is fact our buddy that New fact Rodney remains Cabbage. green. That Who will get to in four a second but years might want to start is with you because what when Prescott we saw these wants numbers anything flying around else there yesterday as a total and then almost nonstarter immediately considering everyone he was saying. took This the isn't risk true. of My playing first out thought his contracts is all. The recent back quarterback to when contracts this first started. have I been had a four lot year of players extensions on here saying so the team for actually the report had five to get out there or to start more trying years to make. of Dak player Look control. bad to try and turn That's sentiment not the case against here him. Does it has feel played to out you his contract. like? That's what's It almost going on never here happens with a high profile quarterback thoroughly in the NFL. indirectly. But it has I could here see and Jerry. that's Jones been that's speaking created of some friends and some associates unique

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