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Wheel drive and the customers hated it


We are Houston's news weather or traffic plus breaking news twenty four seven news radio seven forty KTRE from the gallery furniture made in America studio everybody said no to the water park on Nikki Courtney it's twelve thirty on newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. Worden check traffic and weather together years Pristina moralis good morning expect this entry ramp blocked heading south bound on the six ten Leslie bat west timer if you're traveling in league city expect this entry ramp closure until further notice on I. forty five southbound north of FM five eighteen expect about a seven minute drive time I. ten Katy freeway heading eastbound from Barker cypress to west Philly eight Anderson also looking to go because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center you're gonna be out on this Saturday a partly to mostly cloudy skies with a slight chance for afternoon thunderstorms I guess close to ninety or

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Wheel drive and the customers hated it

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