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Can call you can text is what a crazy story from KXAN about a local woman who agreed on line to meet some guy in the woods for sex and get paid for it and he almost cut her throat he came very close to slipping her throat very bizarre I mean you have to question why this woman was willing to meet a total stranger in the woods to have sex I mean I I guess I know why she needed the money I and then for it to turn this yikes yeah she barely escaped out felt the short blade and then realized what was happening and just luckily a scale in managing your free and contact the police and they ultimately did a great job at a P. D. with their online work there computer cyber detective work and track this guy down and arrested him should she face a prostitution charge hallmark I think probably not sit she had this terrible situation but boy there's better ways to make money ladies and doing what she did as she could I think by the letter of the law she should over senator Graham it was to grant yeah wow I'll meet you in the woods I I think grant could be charged but I don't think that they will after having to go through a near death experience I have they're probably hoping she learned a lesson two thousand dollar charge harsh lesson to learn two thousand that's what it says doesn't it okay experience they were gonna use of info to get to complete the transaction yes yeah he he had an alias that he used it's it's a wild story might would go all law often her head if he should he agreed to two thousand dollars for sex in the in the woods yeah I'll buy Spicewood springs road that's just too bizarre she actually thought she was gonna get two thousand dollars going to be real happy time I guess so say yes she showed up two thousand dollars almost got her throat cut right there all right five one two eight three six zero five nine to get in here and join us you can call you can Texas right here mark Melinda and add three twenty five the latest news headlines just ahead on K..

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