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But we're gonna We're gonna go back a little bit. In the throat backs. Let me throw back Saturday. My name is Pakistan. My form of radio name's Carmine. He stuck sports with the Super Bowl upon us, and with everything that's gone on in the world. I really don't want to talk about politics or what's going on. I want to talk about the Super Bowl. And you know, there's just so much just this game brings to mind. You know, maybe the clothes the changing of guard we have the We have to go and Tom Brady and you have Pat Mahomes. Patrick is just a hell of a quarterback. But what's interesting is I Listen all week long. How Patrick Mahoney's loses this game. He could never be the greatest quarterback of all time. And I'm like you guys. You guys really that daft I mean, when you look back over the years, there was a guy named Dan Marino in a second season broke every passing record known to man. They were calling him the second coming and he was going to be a dominant force in the NFL. He went to the Super Bowl that season. It got destroyed by Joe Montana, 38 to 16. But everybody thought Miami would be back and they never got there again. And when you look at the accomplishments of this young man in three years as a starting quarterback, regardless of the winds tomorrow, well, it does not stamp his career. When you think about this, he has more wins. Then Jim Kelly has been there four times whose own for Fran Tarkington is owing three. Okay. Aaron Rodgers and Brett Farve each have one Super Bowl. This is he's got a shot going after number two in the back to back Chiefs had men disturb role in 50 years and they got their last year and damn near made it. This coulda been three in a row Had not for Tom Brady taking the Patriots to Kansas City, upsetting the chief that year in overtime. They want what they want to kick off, and they went right down the field that won the game like they did two years earlier in the Super against Atlanta, But the bottom line is this When you look at this matchup The reality is it's not Brady against my homes. It's the Kansas City Chiefs because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and you gotta look at this game from a whole different Platform. It's not those two players were gonna make the difference and Brady's case what he what he has left behind or what he's lost in his mind and his mind. Homes may never learn. Brady has several distinctions going into this game number one. He will be The first quarterback to play in 10 Super Bowls that's never been done before. It may never be done again in our lifetimes. Number two. He's the winning a Super Bowl quarterback in NFL history with six Now that could be broken, But maybe it'll take some years. If he loses tomorrow, he has the distinction of being the Super Bowl champion in losses as well. He could tie Jim Kelly with four defeats in the Super Bowl. Right now he's tied with Fran Tarkington with three Now they call him the goat. But his fault He's 46 3 hasn't won. Every game has been too Mahomes wins, I'll be tuning on the Super Bowl. Is that making the greatest know the interesting thing about these dynasties that we see and how they built? Their built is every dynasty has great players, And it's not just the quarterback you had Joe Cool with the 40 Niners. I still think is the greatest quarterback I have ever seen. Period from Uncle here in Pennsylvania. He was the greatest period and if the game was played the way this today when he played, he might have one more. Jerry Rice says he would probably put it in the 500 passes Montana. What took a lot of Beaton's yet he got it done. He was flawless and Super Bowls for no. Bradshaw Foreign All was he is good. A quarterback is Joe Montana. No. Steelers had a great defense, but they also had great weapons. Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier, when Swan John Stallworth They were amazing football teams every dynasty, the Green Bay Packers of the sixties, the first team that went to Super Bowls in a row and who they beat Super Bowl. One Kansas City. When you look at that Packer team, it's hard to believe that that that many players off that particular team made the Hall of Fame that like one in 11 before they got taken over by Vince Lombardi. Great coaches involved here. Okay? Look at Kansas City now. Arians can't be called the great coach described head stretch. And Andy Reid has been knocking on the door for many years. This is a chance for him to get number two. He is constructing an incredible organization in Kansas City did didn't Philadelphia's well but he couldn't get over the top with Donovan McNabb, but this particular team Mahomes brings to the game. Such a flair, things that you don't ever see before You see the play quarterback in NFL is not physical. It's mental, and he has the mental skills to be successful. He can use his feet. Gigi has a cannon for an arm. And he does have to be in private improvisational. But when you look at Tom Brady Brady is a tailor made quarterback pocket passer. He's not very not very fluently runs. Great at the quarterback Sneak. That's about as far as he's going to run with the ball. But his passing is brilliant. And and his brain for the game is just amazing. So you're gonna see a 25 year old youngster who I believe is a genius against Ah 45 43 year old genius. Now I believe that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next year would have been the team to beat for the Super Bowl right now. I don't see it. Now, when you look at the first two games in the plastic, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played The New Orleans Saints lost the game more than the Buccaneers won the game. Case in point. Drew Brees.

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