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We should. We should do sincere like the king of holiday movies. Maybe we should do a holiday movie. Something or other all count for our holiday episodes. I'll holiday eps put a list together. Okay we will do some shit. They'll make your eyes fall out of your head so a bunch of things that i do are trending skating surfing sport climbing. Break dancing all the things that you know how i get to work. Often sir surf catch a wave down to the office sport. Climb the outside. I mean let's say you should head spins with a beanie on because you've got a wicked scab and bald spot on a copier just head spins on my dreadlocks. Oh my god it was year russia. Doing head spins doesn't wash his hair and it dreads. I don't know. I don't really like talking to that guy. You just tell them to turn his music so yeah. It's because these are olympic sports. I didn't i knew like surfing was coming and skateboarding sport climbing. Whatever break dancing. Also they have gone through like the final hurdle to now like their inclusion has been ratified by the i o c ciphers of local wealth in the hopes of putting on their event l. across the world they have made break-dancing a sport. And i've never been more fucking excited. I think when the dream team was gonna play in barcelona. So you're saying that you think south korea's gonna come out pretty pretty hot korean break-dancing. There're some because taekwondo like there's culturally. There's a lot of acrobatic athleticism. Inbuilt that i see being using like breaker moves like you're hip rotation and shit. Like that does the same thing when she was wild. Taekwondo demonstrations where some do look like. He's running on air and like jumping like forty feet in the air. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah like know break. That's like the cool thing is like this doesn't feel like a thing that yes because it's part of the elements of hip hop that were born in america. That america's going to dominate like no like the every country. That's what's beautiful about this shit. Is that like every country has has breakers and there are international competitions already So i think it's just going it will feel like the closest to like a high stakes. You got served situation. Because now we're dealing with like some like a thing that competitor's universally respect is olympic gold so that is going to be. That's kinda tight is i. Don't know there's just something about it that i'm really looking forward to working with those look like and what you do like is at one. V one is a to e to break battles like what are the rules of the battles is a full crew on crew. Alec is it specialized like with head spins like who can do like the sickest stalls. I don't know because how you begin to to be dope if they yeah if it was head to head and like there was standing around like in the same area as the opponent as opposed to like doing like gymnastics where it's like okay. And that is the end of their routine and up next the russian team team yet team usa be boy nibbles and bowing and then it's like and then suddenly you just hear like the song The mexican playing old school break. Answer songs yeah you have. The hushed announcer. Oh and he's gone all my hand and i love. I love the song choice here now. This is a classic babe ruth. The mexican ever heard this song. I'm going to play really quick. Have you ever heard this. Oh i don't anyway. That's called the mexican but by babe ruth. And that's og breaker song back in because like boom to to to to to to get your upper going Song selections going to be. I mean i guess it would be like the same thing as gymnastics because it can't just be like yo with a show of screams who who who marked the other person in the battle like it'll be like how it's scored and how we get into the commentary is going to be also like because there's gonna be a certain level of reverence that the competition with best is going to be so fascinating like i hope i hope they're also got a little Figure skating built-in in that. They're making their own costumes like having to dress themselves part of presentation where it's all one. It's all the same version of the dita's three stripe tracksuit raise just like. Oh we blue. And then bob dylan was trending this morning. Not because he died Because he sold his entire song catalog For people are speculating around three hundred. Millie bob dylan song halo. Why would he sell. What's going in debt. So no this is the thing. Stevie nicks just did the same thing. The rolling stones recently did something similar. It's basically check was one last check and it's also the taxes are going to go up under biden for this particular still. They're they're all being cow rumors that they do that. Mr biden come raising my tax is. What the wow. That's that's cool very cool very cool. Oh because what you're three hundred million was gonna get taxed with the this is where you're at that level what you even if it was like. They took two thirds of that. A hundred million dollars is you couldn't your life's work then just he wants to leave it all those kids. He's never talked to and look at. What did look what you did a jacob. How gassed up thinking. The wallflowers was a good band. Blondie rick james and stephen nicks are the ones who did it. Not rolling stone. James i mean come on posthumously. Yeah yeah it's going to be. Under trump around twenty percent of the sale price and under biden it would have been thirty seven percent of the sale price. So that's why why it's happening like each shit like rat. Fuck you so you went from three hundred million to. Let's just call it. Two hundred million. And now i feel bad faulk. Yeah who gives a fuck. It's like yeah it's hard to the. There's so much of capitalism and like just the capital egos where it's just like got save as much of your money from taxes you possibly can like that's the smart thing to do and it's like you never ever hear somebody be like well. No i mean yeah you pay pay taxes for the country's other people gave you the support to make you who you are and it helps other people. It's funny like the only like spicy clash. Traders are the ones that aren't relevant like it's never like a kardashian. It's always like one like a forgotten disney grandchild all right. Yeah i mean thanks but like you know we kind of need the real fucking water carriers of this whole culture to actually begin turning on it like you know you'll never hear them like of course like you have to tax me because my i've experienced such wealth that i honestly think it's inappropriate for me at this point to candidates. Have any more money as it stands. I it's honestly an absurd amount. That i wouldn't know what to do with an i feel i feel wrong. Therefore i'm so open to actually just surrendering about eighty percent of whatever i'm making in having that go to the community because that's who needs it that and also my product of skin care and body shape wear too. I mean this was already like selling out pretty hardcore like last year in a super bowl commercial He let budweiser us Blowing in the wind. We talked about.

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