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You can drive a lot of growth, and he said, you should do media. And so that will get a podcast story. But ultimately injury only sold the company in the end for about three hundred thousand dollars, which added to the million ish we had in the Bank. So basically had one point four million cash in the Bank, which you are turned all of our investors at the end, you know, whereas tuneup million bucks. You can do the math in terms of dollars or sense. We gave back on the dollar. But I'm saying when you got the six plus million dollar offer from Ryan Alice. Your investors would have told you don't do it aimed for the billion dollar exit to. Yeah. Totally. Yeah. Of course. And then at some point the business turn because Facebook wasn't supporting these Facebook pages that you helped create am I right about that too? In extent. Look, I'm not perfect in my post analysis here, but I would credit actually more of our flat lining to we miss the timing consolidation happen, all these other companies exited. We didn't in that time frame. And so I give with all the time like looking to sell like you have to understand a ninety percent your wealth in life. Going to be luck. And we've set yourself to be lucky when you have L Y for six and a half million bucks. You should sell too early. That's how you get wet rich junior that so you had a lot of bravado after that sale knowing that you'd sold too late. How did you pull off that bravado? Well, I mean first off you can see an example of this in my last interview with you. I think that title is Nathan Laco bullshit artist rate, title, one of the. We may search Nathan lack and I get so many people coming reach going Nathan. You know, they meet in person that go Nathan thought, you're like this mean guy, and you're actually big teddy bear in person which side love it. Right expectations are set low. But no, you're right. I mean, I had to do. And I think I did a brilliant job. By the way, of like, spin, spin spin spin trying to the positive out of this thing that I could get my first guest on the podcast, right? And I thought I had to do that to make that happen in truth. I bet you have the courage to do it then. But I bet you if I was just direct honest and said, here's what happened. I still have had the same kind of thing, but nice spun on spun and did you feel like a liar internally at the time. Did you feel like a fraud for doing that? I was always really careful not to give out specific numbers. Right. So I never would say like we sold for forty million dollars or something like that. What I would say like we sold for a price that everyone really liked is true. I mean, this is like pushing that edge, right? Like our investors at that board meeting wanted us to shut down. They were really happy when they finally convinced me to. Return one and a half million bucks. Because they thought they were going to basically be a full right off you want to know what else was affected with you. I called people to get info about you. And they they gave me info. And I do this all the time. What was interesting was. They were very scared of you at the time. The fact that you've gone after a couple of people just showed teeth made everybody scared to even talk to me off the record which I've never revealed anything off the record. And I thought that was very effective. It was shitty for me because I need to know that kind of data, but it was very it was very effective. And I've got that in this interview you have to hit first off injure, you I'm like a wartime CEO you have to defend yourself. Like, if someone comes after you you have to hit them back hard and hit them back hard publicly because it's a message to everyone else in the future who might think about coming after you, and they're gonna go, you know, what I probably should think twice because Nathan's gonna come at me really her, by the way, you're seeing this right now at the present..

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