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In late spring or or or early summer and we know we know that they use the Hillary Clinton weren't paid for steel dasi the fake phony still does it it was patently absurd on its face the use it to to lied they lied to a judge despite judge we know all about that but I just want to get to the aside from that the fact that they planted FBI agents in the guise of a briefing Hey Michael Flynn and be the president of the United States when they were actually you they were trying to entrap both of them they were spying on them essentially it you can can you tell us about that well sure it is a it's an explosive finding that he made it's one that really needs to be dug down on that for additional information these are things called defense of briefings you know when they when the FBI found out that Dianne Feinstein the senator from California had a driver on her staff who was Chinese and had been compromised by Chinese intelligence they went and told her it's called defensive regarding Hey listen there's someone who might be compromised in your office choice one when they thought that either win or Papadopoulos or someone was going to be infiltrated by Russians or compromise they did not go to the president they did not go to high members of his campaign like governor Christie like senator sessions and say Hey listen they're trying to penetrate your campaign the Russians are here's a defense of breathing you might need to get rid of some people and be wary of this number one decision they didn't do it so what do they do when they did do a security briefing yeah the same security briefing that they gave to the Hillary Clinton campaign this time today in bed and F. B. I. H. to watch and observe Michael Flynn to gather intelligence to gather information about their investigation into the trump campaign and he had no idea no idea right no because I mean why would you there's there's a bunch of Intel community people coming in to brief me about potential threats to the campaign the same reason they gave the delivery Clinton and there's a guy at the end of the table who's watching for reactions and taking notes and writing writing reports call three oh twos you know they did the same thing when when Jim call me went to brief the president elect in early January he rushed out to his car and opened up is classified you know laptop and started typing up a report on his conversation with the president these guys have been spying and reporting and embedding themselves and listening in and finds warranting the president Donald Trump since the summer of seventeen and that cannot be stated enough and Mr war which is report is the first and I hope is a series of step of exposing this corruption we did in the bottom and making sure that this never happens again not to any Republican candidate not to any Democrat candidate this cannot happen again in the mereka they cannot know Stephen grow special assistant to the president deputy press secretary so there is your spying directly on flame and the president himself by James call me just outlined by Stephen girls Stephen it was short on time they're going to impeach the president that's pretty clear with they may have some defections they're going to impeach and the question is during the Senate trial and used to be the special counsel to the present journey Senate trial it's coming up maybe in January will they call witnesses like hunter Biden and Joe Biden the the the deep state whistle blower guy what will they do with McConnell once which is just get it done quickly to quit the president I think those are very light issues you know this is McConnell's house no he decide what's going to happen on the in the well of the Senate and so we're kind of waiting to see what procedures they've boat out of the Senate and that will kind of shape the hearing the president's overall once a fair process he was treated unfairly by the house in ships basement and with hand picked witnesses who did not get to participate and cross examine fact witnesses so the president wants a fair process in the Senate that may involve live witnesses that may in Paul other other types of way of entering in evidence but the speed of the trials and on what evidence is being introduced and making sure that due process is respected and that the process is fair that's what the president wants but he knows he's done nothing wrong right so you want the process to play through and be able to prove that definitively at which is not going to be that difficult of a burden to prove Stephen was an excellent job thank you so much thanks for happen on today you continue your great work really thank you so much you're listening to one of the most iconic stations in the nation American original radio seventy seven WABC radio dot com W. ABC traffic.

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