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It's awful it's awful it's awful it's awful let me say this about katy perry this week has not been a good week for cheating attacked on social media this week for a lot of the different comments that uh that she's been saying in the involved in you know what took place and a lot of people were upset because they felt like she was trying to make it seem like you had you know her performing last night was the greatest thing in the world for her to do because of iran dale can't cancelled oliver shows which is understandable the big thing is katy perry is out this week with a major album tour promotion so she's on every show they're all i ask her the same questions about the manchester bombing in about taylor swift so no matter how she answers it makes her sound bad on the wrong end of it but really she it's just because she's out there during these things they they want to ask her about speaking of taylor swift her former visual curators hunting is katie simpson issue has visual curator and staff whatever day well i'll explain he recently wrote an article on what it was like working with taylor in it was kind of interesting every thing about taylor swift life in terms of social media is one hundred percent staged down to the most minute detail this woman's job this visual curators was to watch her daily life for the perfect shot so if she was playing with bubbles as she lost her dishes at night there was a photo the perfect picture of her with their cats.

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