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Nikolai show. What you want to ask me? Have you ever seen your mom? Make it damn. Why are you gonna ask me something like that? Now. It's knowing the visual in my head. And I'm currently picturing, my mom naked. Right. Thanks a lot for that. Yes. I've seen her naked. It was an accident was gross. I gotta go. Why show from three to seven PM? On ninety three point seven k r q not true. In fact, to FBI agents gave an affidavit in which they said that the testimony of an publicly was it odds with what she told them privately getting ready for the testimony Senate staffer said, well, she gave us a different version of the facts. Deposition as opposed to what she said publicly. So that's why Clarence Thomas was confirmed because and it was not worthy of belief and she followed him from job to job to job and the secretary had numerous logs, and what she called Clarence Thomas, literally dozens and dozens of times just to say what's going on. She was very close to him and one girlfriend said because he rebuffed her sexual advances. She became angry with him. So those are the facts thirty years later, they're stopping things. But then dominate has written a pretty good story. Going back in time to why Clarence Thomas was confirmed because Anita hill comments, we're not worthy of belief much like Blasi Ford, or Joey sweat, Nick what they said about bread cabinet always made up not worthy of belief at falls apart. Facts. Are stubborn things continue now. Go to Jillian New Jersey. Jolyon New Jersey. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Joey, go ahead. Getting regarding the anti medicate crime on the yesterday in California. Democrats to blame their rhetoric recently with Alon, Omar Rashida police Alexandria court. Rhetoric is to blame. Republicans should be saying the only Republican that mentioned that is a wonderful wonderful congressman Louie Gohmert. He was on FOX and friends. Just I think it was whatever. And he said Trump on this. Children Jewish and his daughters Jewish and he's the best friend Israel, which he is blaming Trump for this. Reggie Trump's president in American history. Democrats four. Listen up, the only president in American history, Jeb Jewish grandchildren. Donald J Trump and you have numerous democratic female congress congressional office holders going after Jews and every which way they can. But the media except Louie Gohmert. We'll never hook those events together. Because they'll go after congressman king, and I want a regular basis the never go after till and never got Jay z for antisemitic remarks, but this president called the rabbi there who accepted, and they had they had a great conversation. But again, we need more Republicans. 'cause even as today in tonight, the is still blaming Trump for this and not end the Republican that's on the paddle Scott setting. He agrees. He's an idiot. This such setting, you know, they have idiots for a Republican. They're useful. They're useful idiots for CNN. Your first thing you say, you blame the Democrats always blame the Democrats. That's rule one. But this time it's true because he Lonzo MAs rhetoric caused this just like they lame Trump. And they blame us that voted for Trump. Where the cause of Nazis or Hitler whites apprentice, antisemitic playing the Democrats Republicans will never learn to do that. Julie going back in time, Robert Lee, the confederate generals. We're all Democrats Ku Klux Klan or Democrats. Jim Jim crows laws role. Democrats lynching done by the Democrats. The Democrats created all that. But now there artfully blaming the Republicans for their behavior, but it they get away with it. Because there's never any pushback was on this whole weekend explaining that. It's the Democrats that are antisemitic not twelve for the Republicans. Right. Ten more people every day to push back, but Republicans to rate of CNN their frayed of Democrats is getting Eddie, and he's a Republican work, but Bush agrees with this when he got paid by CNN as soon as you have a strong conservative Republican CNN they fire him, Jeffrey, Lord, Jeffrey, Lord, Pennsylvania Jefferson, as soon as you say, something you have to be a putz you have to sit there and take it. Five and six to one. But Jeffrey Lord did a good job on CNN. He was fired as soon as you go do a good job and Scott Jennings. I've never met don't know. But he wants to be paid. And so you're paid to be ineffective. If you're if you're a Republican, and so he gets paid. I know. Yeah. But it doesn't help Trump. And it just can't be Trump. It's gonna be a lot of people every day. The pushback this is really to it is the Democrats antisemitic party and their rhetoric that caused this yesterday. No question. Hates Trump gates because Trump is pro Israel. None of that was said on CNN MSNBC by anyone. He's he's the most pro Israeli that the most Jewish pro president America's ever had and they're going to end the Golan Heights. After Donald J Trump the Jews in Israel love this guy, as I if you're Jewish can you tell me, well, we don't have time for I'd like to hear from juice somewhere as to why seventy percent of the Jewish votes. Go toward the democrat. When we have the most pro Jewish president right now in American history, whose grandchildren are Jewish. You would think that would mean just the opposite would be true. It's almost like the Stockholm syndrome Jews in Israel, love Trump Jews in America. Do not can you. Tell me why. Continue.

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