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Monthly lee also has skills and kabc is one of them just say i like that enable they gave me the am gal used abc los angeles orange county a cumulus things kabc news live and local at twelve noon i'm geoff whittle and powerful seven point nine earthquake hit the gulf of alaska just past midnight this morning centered about one hundred seventy five miles southeast of kodiak but no damage or injuries are reported caltex seismologist tom heaton in pasadena explains why the quake didn't cause any damage your greg was under the oceans so mainly just fish no possibly some freighters if they were in the area of might have actually detected the uh sound waves says it came up the temblor did trigger a nami warning for the entire west coast including southern california but it was cancelled at four nineteen this morning two 15yearold students were killed in a high school shooting this morning and denton kentucky state police commissioner rick sanders is more details about that incident at marshall high school there were a total of fourteen shot one female died at the scene one male died at the hospital and tragic day for all of us five others suffered other types of injuries in that shooting special counsel robert muller's investigators have spoken with both attorney general jeff sessions and fired fbi director james call me it's been revealed today sessions was questioned for several hours last week as part of muller's investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and weather president trump obstructed justice since taking office by trying to thwart the russia investigation meanwhile investigator spoke with a call me last year sources are telling cnn also another source tell cnn that fbi director christopher rape felt so much pressure from attorney general jeff sessions to make senior staff changes that he threatened to resign correspondent shimon pro coupists reports at a statement from ray confirms at his chief of staff jim rebecca is leaving but the timing is coincidental the fbi is taking some criticism certainly from the president from the attorney general focus on some of the covi holdovers rebuking was games calling his chiefofstaff during the.

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