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Being still exist surprise you i don't use it i can see paul be like that like you know have the hotmail account or the i am an account i am okay i ever i had an earthlink account i never had a hot meal i'm very hip i'm very with it um but the baruch question i want to get her one ans take on this in the it seemed to me the beyond all the numbers are the things that jumped out to me about google is report was this this sort of intimation that may be one two things mobile and video are not quite as lucrative as everybody was thinking and it seems to me that that is a a quote unquote more than gould issue can we were running era takeaways of you come away with that conclusion from koogle's earnings than you would definitely be concerned about a lot of other companies i mean facebook's entire future growth israeli pegged on video and mobile and you know if they can't capture beano a portion of tv advertising basically by getting that one over to their app then they're than their valuation is not justified i hear gu i hear mobile in video on a lot of other places to know but not here oh yeah i mean you mean like the wall street journal will like every every media cup every body move mobilink and video relate the big buzzwords everyone's talking about them if the growth there is not quite as good as people thought where's hoodoo smile under saying you still have a phone seryakova liquor talking about mobile app earlier this in that growth is there i think it's more question that you know from the sensor google that it has to.

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