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To polka hottest Massachusetts is represented by Pocahontas. It may be Pocahontas. Remember that what it is? I was being hit by Pocahontas and polka hot. This is not happy Elizabeth Warren. She's one of the worst senators who Pocahontas. One twenty twentieth. I had to. I'm in love is that presidential for the president is tweet that out. Yes, I would love to see her win the nomination and the two of them debate each other that could be fun. How about these two? I c I call them Llosa's these two democratic congressman already have reintroduced impeachment articles against Trump. See I think that's a big mistake on their help. They make those mistakes. I think the only emboldens Trump and his supporters. There's no reason as we know it right now for any kind of articles of impeachment immature bratty left-wingers are trying to take over the congress. That's what I think. I don't think you're being respectful of our elected officials. Okay. Let's get the news at eight thirty from Joel Barlow morning. Joe morning, Michael. Well, the president is fired off some new tweets this morning aimed at Democrats blame the Democrats for the financial trouble on Wall Street. He also asks. Therefore, yes, yes. He said if the Democrats took control of the house and the Senate it would cost financial trouble. So he predicted. He also asks how do you impeach a president who was one perhaps the greatest election of all time done? Nothing wrong. No collusion with Russia. I figured I'd get a sciatic you gotta sigh as the government shutdown continues to drag on the president will meet with congressional leaders at the White House today this day after Democrats took control of the house. Hopefully, we're gonna work together. And we're gonna get lots of things done like infrastructure and so much more. Now, they want to do that very badly said away. So hopefully, we're gonna have a lot of things that we can get done together. And I think it's actually going to work out. I think it'll be a little bit different than a lot of people are thinking he's pretty optimistic. There remains a deep divide on the plan to reopen. The government Democrats on willing to give the president is money for that border wall. Governor Cuomo has stopped the plan shutdown of the L. Subway line. The governor says experts have found another method to make repairs while keeping the train tunnel opened. It uses many new innovations that are new to frankly, the rail industry in this country. The line was supposed to be taken out of service for fifteen months beginning in the spring, but that will not have to happen. There will be some partial shutdowns, but no complete shutdown staffer for governor. Phil Murphy who accused the former colleague of rape is going to sue the state Katie Brennan claims she was sexually assaulted by Stanford Al Alvarez during the campaign in her complaints to superiors were ignored. She testified before the legislature. She had access to people in the highest positions of power, but her pleas for help when unanswered, okay, we.

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