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Flowing blonde hair. Yeah he's gonna be vince. Vaughn riding jet skis and subtly it disappears. Stalling out of here is. Oh my god yeah man. He's figures they were doing something. And then later. 'cause i did look this up. Now there's been some articles. But i i know bullshit. I looked up. Because that's like. Joe sta man. I said i know that i've seen that's the wanted because i was like. Is this a regional soda. That they sell. I looked it up. I didn't know that it was That it was something that was sold in the ninety s. Oh yeah it was a it was like ninety three ninety five or something like that. And so i said man and then later on people will tell you if i was full of shit but a would you core now. I article latest saying that. Yes the jet ski in the soda and everything like he'll know that he was kidnapped. Should apple was snatched on a jet ski. That's why he's thinking about it. Well just i was watching the second episode right before. I watched the third one. And there's so much the people in this so much they don't know about the way things work there when they when they get questioned on it. Well it's faith or you'd have to believe lying. You know yeah and that was actually confirmed here. Now the part because i i'm with us like damn i really. You don't know what these files go. You don't know this department. You don't talk to that you don't know when you got hired. You know a lot of weird three lizards thing. You just take that for granted. Yeah exactly. that's why she like a cult or something. It's always been kind of ominous. And now we find out that they have actually been snatching people from earth and.

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