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And is it almost seems asked fill out there on the choose your own adventure as to how we get to just melt them liverpool just a different level above a different level not only above arsenal but a level above liverpool of last season reason for me. Actually this is only three games into the season. The manner of their first two victories pretty tough game against a tough team knowledge very tough game last last week on the road that they sort of eke out that victory. They've gone to a different level in this game against the top team. They look terrifying. It's almost like man. City that inevitability ability of man city at their prime they remain the only perfect and the percent team after three game sim winning run twelve consecutive primarily victories the best ever winning streak in the primarily gear forty two games undefeated now at unfilled still not quite there in terms of the finished products a better team possibly could've finished in that first half and got more out of it but getting them and if you won't be harsh you could say it was three john and it needed to juvenile navid louie gohmert is to get there but montana la- pool i that as klopp said they physically broke off with their press and we know they're attacks payless but i admired their midfield in this game. Jordan henderson was magnificent for beena was truly potent and i'm sorry to say this arsenal funds but the gulf in class between the two scored setups it remains cosmic okay man united won crystal palace to man united concede a premier leaks stoppage time winner at old trafford for the first time as they fell behind on thirty two minutes when jordan got him behind to slop coolly past habitat but the second half saw always put the squeeze on palace after being denied a controversial penalty get it on anthony marshall and seeing marcus rash i would miss from the spot just five days off the pump a with against wolves young daniel james is eighty nine th minute curling effort looked to secure the point but with the game the balance a christian ben tech eight tackled on pulled up launched a palace counter the ended with patrick van on hold bloody patrick bannan hall hitting it through dave save saves to win it last weird surreal in this weekend those shocks to witness this one. I mean it was my out of nowhere river into e._s._p._n. Classic flashback broadcast of the darker united of law season the destruction chelsea in in that first game of the season it finally been narrative lithium early soul show and his team in came polish puny palace cannon fodder palace at sheffield l. Deny it lose a to palace and they brazenly opened the scoring with basic route. One football is nothing fancy about our first goal day but it was still delirious exclamation point of a goal another wonderful scrapbook moment for me but you know to me it was nothing like complex about got it but it was also feeless. It was the fearlessness with which crystal palace approached this game the theatre of dreams rubs. That's all blew my mind yea longo cake lindelof blowing the clearance head allowing sh- look jumping no-one tracking and brother. Why would you track. Are you brother watching heroic harry maguire said don't need to track.

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