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This is the Steve Austin show. GimMe a hill. Yeah now. Here's Steve Austin. All Right Steve Walsh and show coming to you from the main streets of Los Angeles California today man. The leather has been on fire out here. It's been absolutely beautiful. Today was a good day. A jumped up four thirty in the morning drank. Three cups of coffee swelled fifteen miles out in the ocean and left at thirty thousand pounds. Awaits to six thousand crunches and now I'm in here my podcast studio talking to you guys. On the recording device ace man inspiration would be the word of the day I guess. Would that work out man. It's a great time right now. Playoff football this whole the entire weekend I sit in front of the TV watching the NFL. Get ready to see as everything pairs down. WHO's going to the Super Bowl? I'll tell you what man forty nine is really opened up a can of war pass on the Vikings. That was an interesting game. I thought the Vikings would be you know allowed a little outmatched and forty niners had too many weapons and that was exactly the case forty niners airplane at home. Vikings just couldn't really get settled in. I know this is so Michael. Thomas is Comments coming of New Orleans man. He was really upset when the Vikings went down there to their house of superdome. And knock them out of contention. So I'm sure that the New Orleans saints loved but plant in this game and may maybe it'd be a different story maybe not but nonetheless forty niner sheer Lincoln and strong. They've got a lot of weapons defenses own vire offenses on bar and they look good. And then God Dang Man I did did not expect the titans to roll into Baltimore and roll over the number one seed the ravens only had two losses. This sheared the titans. Go in there with a hell of a game plan man. Derrick Henry my man from Crimson Tide Mark Ingram was also there at the stadium but God day. Derrick Henry is running roughshod over the entire. NFL The NFL rushing Jamie and had to back to back one hundred yard games and the titans just played really smart football and the Ravens offense man. I'm such a huge usual Lamar Jackson Fan. He just that whole offense just couldn't get in rhythm and Tanna Hill pedestrian numbers last week. Seventy anyone yards this week. Eighty three yards but man he just He threw a hell of a strike Receivers over there. In the end zone touchdown pass when they got the ball back on a possession shen. But it's been all Derrick Henry and Mike vrabel. Has Those guys coached up very confident. The defense played extremely well that it was a that was a really interesting game because I saw the ravens. I sell this game in reverse score. I saw the Ravens Twenty eight thirty five point inch and I didn't expect the Titans Score. Maybe two three touchdowns three at the most. And of course Derrick Henry going back to his Alabama roots one of my favorite running backs. I I don't know why he went his late in the draft as he did a couple of years ago now that he's established his running style and his form and he's got confidence guy just laying people out here. Almost unstoppable stoppable so that will be interesting when you look at the Texas versus chiefs game. What an a hail happen there? Houston Texas go down. There jumped out out to a twenty four point lead and then all of a sudden in the second quarter here comes the chiefs storm back ended up going into the halftime with the the lead and ended up winning the game. Fifty one thirty one. One of the announcers put it best. I think it was Terry. Bradshaw on analyst started started off as a blow out then turned into a hell of a game. Ben Turned into a blow out the other way. Patrick Mahomes is so dangerous back there and he's got got so many weapons and so those guys were on fire and it was good to see Andy Reid you know. I'm from Texas. I'm from one hundred miles down near south of Houston Houston I would love to see Texas win but man. I've got a lot of guys over and chiefs team that I follow very closely with Travis. Kelsey you know and George Kettle over and the forty niners Lot of the weapons over there and sheaves kind of follow on social media so I was rooting for the chiefs as well. But you know Andy Reid. Is this kind of story. Here is one of the best coaches in. NFL and he just needs to win a super bowl can he. Well we'll see as they head into the championship ship around to see who's going to the Super Bowl next week the packers versus the seahawks. Kinda sell this one. Come and I haven't seen a whole lot of packer football this this year just because I haven't been around when they've been playing been following their record and I guess I think he'll have three lobsters this year. I'm just looking at a computer screen. I'll have a statute in front of Aaron Rodgers. Look great packers. Running back looked awesome Davante Adams a receiver was super dangerous. That a great game plan that new head coach. I can't recall his name right now. According this podcast but Packers looked really really good and the seahawks just beat to stretch a credit to Pete Carroll. The seahawks are always in the football game with Russell Wilson out there again. I've been following his kids. His North Carolina state transfer to Wisconsin. One Matt team over got picked up by Seattle Should have two super bowl rings not just one when playing the Patriots couple of years ago if they gave that ball beast mode back in a day they'd have to rings but they always seem to stick around they never give up and they were hanging in there towards the end had a drive going at the end of the game feasibly reasonably had they scored they would one football game. Packers defense was just too much greg game plan by everybody involved the packer so I washed all those games and now I'm looking forward or to next week's games to see how all that goes down. So that's going to be the forty niners versus the Green Bay packers and the titans versus the chiefs. Those are interesting matchups. God dangles what got a game plan takes in with the titans to go down there and play the chiefs chiefs and can sheafs light up at all Fitch again like they did this past weekend. Forty niners packers. Packers are really firing on all cylinders eh learners but forty niners with Garoppolo and all those weapons or defensive plan good. There's going to be too highly competitive games and we saw two teams Jumped out too early leads and didn't fare so well. I don't think that's going to happen coming into this weekend. I think it's going to be a tit for tat type story as far as the Games go with. I don't really see these team scoring a whole lot of points on three touchdowns four touchdowns that's about it well. I'm I'm recording this. PODCAST on a Monday morning tonight we have the College Football National Play offs as the Lsu Tigers who were undefeated against the Clemson Tigers. who were undefeated needed coach? Ed Giron over there at Lsu has done an amazing job with the LSU tigers. The whole state of Louisiana is on fire. Joe Borough is legend. I Love Clyde Edwards Allaire. I love all of their weapons but man Clyde Edwards had what thirteen days as to nurse at Sore Hamstring. That had they were able to not use him in that last victory To get here it's going to be real interesting football game. Joe Borough with the Heisman all the records. He said this year. Trevor Lawrence Art has a national championship under his belt. It's GONNA be real interesting to see what happens in this football football game and I can't even make a bet on this because I really liked what Davos waiting has done over there. Clemson and Alabama guy going down to Clemson and any stab missing. What's turning into a dynasty? Trevor Lawrence has one mortgage play. Joe Borough wasn't Ohio state transfer and man you know last year. He's getting his feet wet kind of getting settled in and this year with God Dang. The new Offense Coordinator Man. They have been just lighting people up in the air. So Joe Borough One heisman this year. It had a hell of a year. And they've got some great receivers and so does Clemson. I can't uneven pick a winner. I have a hard time seeing the Clemson Tigers. Lose this game just because of their history the way. Dabo swinney coaches. I have a hard time seeing. LSU Hugh lose this game because of all their weapons. And because of the Jesse Macula play off season of Joe Burrow. He hasn't had a Shitty game name all year. Trevor Lawrence started off slow but man. He's in full stride right now. He's got another year to play. And then you know I predict Joe Borough. It'll be the first pick taken out of the draft this year and then travel orange after the next season that you will be the first pick coming out of the twenty twenty one draft. So there's there's GonNa be a hell of a game. I don't know what the numbers are in a couple of minutes here on the podcast. I'll be talking to Dave Mason from dot. AG and ought to be asking him some questions about Ah odds favorites about the LSU Clemson game and as we head into next week's NFL action kind of odd The rat on those saying and just kind of just check in with him and see what's up what the betting seen bet online dot. Ag has been with us for a long time. And I appreciate their support anyway. Oy Got a hell of a podcast. Today it's a lot of fun. David Arquette Professional Wrestler actor entrepreneur along with his buddy. RJ The city. RJ's city used to have shown nickelodeon. I think he's done with that now but he's doing a lot of stuff and and television. He's doing his own youtube channel and he is an independent sane professional wrestler very charismatic guy. Very charming very quick on his feet. It was a pleasure to welcome both of those guys over here to the studio and just have a loose conversation shooting the breeze about professional wrestling life at a bunch of horse. Shit David thanks for stopping by once again. It's always a pleasure talking to you and good luck on your journey. I got a chance to watch the match between David. arquette and RJ city and. We broke down together. As I talked about some of the things David should not do and RJ with a couple of technical inputs from myself Entertaining match a really good match that they get enjoyed if you found it on youtube but those guys are my guests down show. Oh and I apologize for not having as many guests on the show coming out of the Christmas holidays I was limited up. Yukking it up and drinking Tequila whiskey. Beer Vodka yeah. If you name it I was drinking it and eating tamales and then someone well. Rj City. God Damn you son of a bitch I don't know who it was whether it's Rj City or David Arquette or both of them brought me a big fish cherry pie for the podcast. So Oh hell. I had to eat some of that after. I had my Margaritas. Because I had the munchies show. Thanks guys you really helped out my waistline getting ready to start shooting in a couple of months season season. Two of straight up. Steve and I guess that ended up being the number one man..

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Football, Titans, NFL discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!

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