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The domestic discretionary nondefense budget as mr kohl well knows is also a has a big national security function in that budget is stake department homeland security uh veteran's affairs and also the antiterrorism activities of the justice department also so that those are strong national security functions but they're counted not on the defence i but on the domestic side to increase the lack of an increase on the defence i uh is uh harmful also to our ability to have the national defence function met so in that spirit we come here to say we have problems with the cr how veterans are dealt with i respectfully disagree with mr burgess in terms of the all set in the bill coming from the prevention fun is our distinguished ranking member said this is coming from the prevention fund where we have children inoculations for children we have a addressing lead poisoning issues like that so we don't think the children should have to pay children's health should have to pay for children's health as as you may know there are bipartisan conversations going on for other pay force of disappointed is that we resurrected this bill that the world but peace of the world and bill which was as as you mentioned not taken up in the senate and that we opposed on the floor because of the pay force but check the children's health interesting i think you call it state to of still call as gyp because within the going back a long time when that is nonpartisan we have bipartisan support for that for community health centres for the other items that mr verges mentioned in his comments it's the offset still a lot said it's held the veterans are dealt with in the bill it's the earth so we have some concerns about the cr and it's construct but it doesn't include and how it includes what it does and one of the things that it does not include is an opportunity we think for something that also has strong bipartisan support not only in the congress put across the country and that's what i wanted to focus on right now i would hope that the uh that.

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