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I'm Linda Lopez a deadly day in Chicago where a gunman opened fire at mercy hospital. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson confirming we have four deceased individuals police officer to female staff employees at the hospital, and they'll Fender the police officer identified as Samuel Jimenez, a father who had only been with the police force since two thousand seventeen a female doctor who was killed by the gunman in the parking lot. And a pharmaceutical assistant who was fatally shot by the gunmen while exiting an elevator inside the hospital. The gunman only identified as someone who had a relationship with the victim in the parking lot and was said to have no criminal history. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Chicago police in suburban Saint Louis are searching for a gunman who sexually assaulted. At least one woman had a Catholic supply store and shot another woman in the head she's alive, but in critical condition. The White House says it's dropping its effort to suspend CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass. But it's setting new rules for reporters. It is a White House. I. The president telling reporters exactly how they must be. Hey, when asking you a question and threatening to a victim, if they don't follow the rules in a letter addressed to C, N N's Jim Acosta, the rules say reporters can only ask a single question then yield the floor and can only ask a follow up. If the president or spokesperson allows it. The letter ends happy thanksgiving Andy Field. ABC news. A US official says tomorrow, the White House will announce new authorization for troops along the southern US border that will allow them to protect CPAP personnel from threat customs and border protection reportedly requested the authority from the White House. The first recreational marijuana sales in the eastern US start tomorrow in Massachusetts and CEO of the cultivate shop. Sam Barbara says isn't sure how long has supply will last obviously,.

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