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Your thoughts on where we're at with all of that


Ahead president trump said DC insider Jeff sessions was a total disaster if you get one to over US president I would not have appointed Jeff sessions to be Attorney General Jeff sessions good on the president's any failed Alabama always have president trump's back will drain the swamp build the wall no amnesty ever I'm Tommy Tuberville and I approve this message because I'm ready to win for Alabama well coach are you hear a lot of that out there I know when we talk about the race there's a lot of our listeners it will say well look you know sessions that he was a good senator winners here he was one of the first ones to back our present but when he got to Washington the general consensus seems to be that you know he's a let the president down in our listeners don't seem to be is on board as they used to be with former senator Jeff sessions because of that very reason it ends what to what the president said right there so the president is clearly not back Jeff sessions in this race you know and I know you've talked to the president as well so your thoughts on where we're at with all of that where

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Your thoughts on where we're at with all of that

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