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This Shamir young and I'm joined by my co host in of Florida. Skip calling Florida. This is really good because our guest today. Her parents live about five miles away. I don't want them to know that. I'm the King of Florida. Think that so. Yeah all right. I'll be the King of Florida. Just for the PODCAST. Cast how are you? I'm wonderful. I have some Florida envy right now. Here in Michigan is pouring rain. So I'm a little jealous of you Floridians while we had the storm this morning and got all the rain and now it's gone. Let's talk about one aspect of Plata pod. That's become very very cool if you think about it whether it's the Max or the ultra once you've got the base. It's kind of a blank canvas to do anything you want. What and I was looking at some of the things the other day and seeing some of the images on the instagram page that that Plateau pod shares and on the blog That are that are being shared. And it's very cool because everybody is taking things like the goose necks with additional lighting or changing up the kind of ball. They're using more. We've got that that I love that little square jellyfish phone holder. Because I've used that on an ultra of myself and while you could go out and you could get if you wanted something. Just hold your phone. They're a dime a dozen everywhere. But when you talk about putting the square jellyfish on Your Planet Pot and then you Wanna be able to do other things with it in terms of recording with your phone It it just changes the diversity of the product which would which are some of your favorite accessories. You know it's I. I love the goose next and I have to add by the way you know. We all have extra time right now with with everything going on with pandemic and it's the perfect time to experiment and explore with your style and creative projects and it's just very very cool and so I'm loving playing with goose necks and I mean just looking at stuff. That people are posting it so inspiring. You mentioned the blog. We've got toy photography up there. We've got Frozen FRUIT OF FROZEN FRUIT TO`real freezing fruit and getting really cool artistic shots. Someone else posted about. They were capturing images of their city from their car like not even leaving their car and the platypus helping with that. It's just it's very cool the different things that you can do and especially with the accessories available now well right now and you said it. We've all got. We've all got time so being able to play with this stuff and go from from a macro to anything with your cell phone and tie it all in together it just becomes one of these really diverse little tools that you've got to play with and it takes up no room and I don't want to turn this into more of an infomercial but you and I are both for for our listeners. Shamir and I are both involved in working on different plateau pod projects but were involved because we believe in the in the product and especially especially Larry doctor Dr t who is the founder and was down a looking for new application. So and here we go. Let's talk about today's guest. Let's get to it. We've got Sherry Hager. Men in the House and my friendship was Sherry. Our friendship is testimonial to an industry. That we all loved dearly. Sherri is an award-winning very successful. Winning and portrait photographer. But these days she's best known for a much bigger role and that's founder of Click on now just to give you some history on Sherri Sherri and I met I think it was either two thousand nine or two thousand ten when she attended skip summer school and that was a workshop series. I was doing that. Went all the way through two thousand thirteen. We've been involved in numerous projects. We spoke at different conferences together. Sherry and her husband. Jeremy and Sheila and I have all been out to dinner together. I love working with her and I especially love working with her team on. Click con- now click. Con- kicked off last summer with their first annual event Chicago. They broke all records with. I mean they just had this incredibly diverse educational and trade show event and it was amazing because you could feel the electricity in the air and I know that sounds Kinda. Hokey and sappy. But sometimes you go to a conference where it's kind of flat like a soda. That's spent left open all day long. It's got color. It's got flavor but no phys while this one had phys had a little of everything and people were so excited to be there. This year click on was scheduled to start About a month and a half August eleven so actually no. It's about two months away but like everything in our lives. The pandemic changed all of that. Now here's the cool thing team. Click con- isn't going to slow down so while this year show has been postponed to August tenth. Twenty twenty one. They're launching click con- nation on the same day that this you show was supposed to start August eleventh. The pandemic may have changed everything in our lives but moving to online couldn't be more perfect for the management team also known as the heart of Click on. So we're going to talk about education. We're GONNA talk about expanding your skill set. The challenge is building your business back in today's in in today's environment and who knows what else will come up on the PODCAST and I know I've gone a little bit too long. But it's hard not to do when you've gotta guess that you know so well so Sherry. Welcome to beyond technique. Hi. I'm really excited to be here today. And talk to your listeners and give them some good information call. We are so excited to have you. Thank you is on you now. Good information. Wow we have a lot I think between the three of us we can really figure out some good stuff here for sure for sure and you know. Let's start with our favorite first question. Just our listeners can get to know you a bit more. Tell us about yourself. Share your background and how you ended up doing what you're doing today. Well my goodness we're going really far back now so I started a while. I've been doing photography since I was six years old had a little. I don't know if you guys remember those Kodak. One ten cameras. I got one of those for my birthday but I didn't really ever take photography serious until I was out of college during college. I had taken a ton of photography courses because I loved it. I got my first real. Dsl are when. I was eighteen for graduation from high school graduation and When I graduated college I was actually going to become a Animation artists and work on movies Lake Toy Story and things like that for Pixar But I ended up shooting. Somebody's wedding and I fell in love with it so I became a wedding photographer. Spent about sixteen years now. But I've been doing that and I absolutely love it. I had a hard time coming out of the gate. Which skipped can attest to. And that's how I met skip. I actually attended skipped summer. School in That's pretty much. What gave me my left or my push and also really gave me the wants to educate other people so I think skipped summer. School is really where the photography part of it came out where I started catching on to pricing myself. Right and doing things right as well as wanting to get back to the community so both of them actually started right there with with his show that he had had But yes sixteen years. I'm number two in the. Us number one in the Midwest and Voted number six in the world.

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