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Philadelphia Health Commissioner Tells Residents To Prepare For ‘New Normal’ When City Reopens


Five Philadelphia officials are making preparations for the June fifth transition to yellow but they're telling people that yellow doesn't mean life it would be back to normal more on that from K. Y. W. city hall bureau chief Pablo mayor Kenney says the next two weeks are critical for being able to move to the yellow face he urged residents to continue to stay home because he said in an email statement a spike in cases would jeopardize re opening keynotes the virus is still very present and disproportionately impacts people of color who more often suffer from underlying conditions health commissioner Tom Farley at his department will be evaluating the data to make sure the virus doesn't pick up speed again he says it will distribute guidelines for the gradual re opening but he warns things will be different than before the virus will involved small numbers of people in any kind of interior space barriers between people like those flexible last Thursday you see rob cash register no Bob spacing of people decals on the floor that show used to be six feet apart and the lone wolf masks Dr Farley reported more than three hundred new covert nineteen cases a few hours before the governor's announcement and fifty six more deaths still he says the city has made and continues to make significant progress toward defeating the

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Philadelphia Health Commissioner Tells Residents To Prepare For ‘New Normal’ When City Reopens

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