New York City beaches open for holiday weekend, no swimming allowed


A few days at the beach is typically a no brainer for Memorial Day weekend needless to say it is a little bit more complicated this year some beaches are open some are restricting who can go others are restricting what you can do there here to tell us where new Yorkers and new Jerseyans can go to welcome the summer wireless socially distancing is WNYC's Karen Yi and the Jake often hearts of Gothamist Karen Jake hello hi David it it it there is still so much we don't know about cope with nineteen but many epidemiologists say that with social distancing precautions in place heading to the beach does not pose a large threat for people in low risk groups Cameron let's start with you governor Murphy said beaches would re open for the holiday weekend is that right yes that's right so Murphy has said if speech is re opened they need to limit the amount of people on the beach and enforced social distancing so it's really gonna be up to each municipality to decide how to do that and what parts of the beaches or boardwalks to re open so remember not all of the beach is closed during the pandemic some have already re opened and some remain partially close and it's equally as complicated in New York City right Jake governor Cuomo joined New Jersey Connecticut and Delaware to open up the beaches but mayor bill de Blasio technically won't open up city beaches that's right David New York City is fourteen miles on public beaches are technically close what that really means is the beaches are closed to swimming sports picnics many of the social things people go to the beach for but you can still walk sit on the beach or even dip your feet into the water up to your ankles the idea is to discourage nothing Yorkers from going to the beach so it's not over crowded what about beaches on Long Island to Jones beach the Hamptons these are very popular spots for new Yorkers or they could be an option many all island beaches will be open this weekend but they're not exactly rolling out the red carpet for us New York City residents several towns including East Hampton have plans to limit or entirely banned outsiders from their shores that's led to some regional contentions of Nassau County official had to walk back in down and out of towners on Nickerson beach after my colleague Sylvia Chang points out that beaches that receive federal funding must be open to the public the state run beaches like Robert Moses in Jones beach will be open to everyone but they're restricting capacity to fifty percent and governor Cuomo says people could be turned away from parking lot as early as ten AM single parking is always a problem and beaches in both states Karen tell us about the Jersey Shore is parking to be restricted even more than usual yes so again it's gonna come down to home rule it's New Jersey right so it's gonna be up to each town since sandy hook which is run by the National Park Service is limiting parking to fifty percent and so is island beach state park which is run by the state mayors have told me that they're gonna be announcing reminders on loudspeakers there's gonna be civilian ambassadors patrolling the boardwalk there's gonna be a lot of signage but really it's gonna have to come down to trust trust that people will do the right thing and act responsibly what Jake in New York City you have reported on members of the NYPD enforcing social distancing measures in physically aggressive ways in the subways and on city streets can new Yorkers expect a large police presence on the beaches what is the plan for monitoring resource can definitely expect to see a major law enforcement presence this weekend and why PDP stale has been up thirty percent they'll be joined by parks police and thousands of social distancing ambassadors similar to New Jersey if things get too crowded the mayor says they may even put up fencing literally barricading the beaches anyone who tries to swim will be ordered out well in New Jersey some mayors are concerned about not enough police presence on the beaches Cameron that what are you hearing I spoke two point pleasant beach mayor Paul Kenitra and he's very concerned about this so his speech is partially open not the boardwalk so this means that Jenkins beach is also gonna be close but the biggest problem for him and re opening everything is that he says he can't hire the seasonal officers who normally boost up as police force during the summer because all the training academies are closed so for the things that are open for the part of each that is open he says this weekend will be a test run for whether the precautions they've implemented will work we need to see how realistic it is to have our badge checkers wearing the mask and gloves and in hot weather we need to make sure that our lifeguards are able to you know the date people and do things appropriately with the set up that we have one up one down on the lifeguard stands in with the new half the filters for their resuscitation devices so the mayor said there's really no playbook for this I mean everybody is really trying out what works for their particular beach okay so if people can solve the puzzle of finding an open beach what happens when they get there will there be open public restrooms or boardwalk restaurants open for food pickup so curbside pickup is allowed for nonessential businesses take out is going to continue for restaurants a New Jersey recently allowed to go cocktails on the public restroom issue again that's going to depend on the town whether they decide to open those or how they apply limits to that the one thing that the state is encouraging is that everyone wear a mask right and it's the same thing in New York there will be some to go through the options available re sparked beaches are is open many of the vendors on Coney Island and they'll be some bathrooms and Porta potties starting this weekend and finally you keep in mind the water's going to be fifty five degrees not exactly swimming weather even if you are out yeah I think that's gonna keep a lot of people out of the water we'll have to hear much more about how it goes this weekend WNYC's Karen Yi and the Gothamist reporter Jake often hearts thank you for joining us thanks

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