Tyler Gibbs and Jack Irving of Toyota Racing Development's TD2 driver development program



Now. Let's get to part two of our conversation with Tyler Gibbs and Jack Irving just this I want to give you guys a chance to put some names with some faces here people who are listening. We've mentioned Christopher Bell. You guys mentioned Harris and Burton. I was reading a motorsports analytics story today in which Jack was quoted very highly on Chandler. Smith just wanted to give you a chance to tell us a little about. Who'S IN THE LINEUP? Right now and we're the names. We should be watching it from the Toyota racing development driver program. So it's funny. I think we have some remarkable kids coming up of all different ages all different ranges But it's still development like Chandler. Smith is is a gifted driver. I mean in in we've been with Chandler for three or four years i. I don't remember how long it's been a few years. He's been fantastic. He's always been a strong late model. Racer Kinda in his family team was was quite gifted enabled to kind of compete at a very young age with some very high level guys in racing and then he transferred that into Arca adventuring end and has been fantastic and the more he matures the better. He gets Which is really exciting. He's similar to like a younger Jones in that respect where he's young and been around it and he seemed so much older in a car and so much more mature in so that is translated into the truck races he ran last year and and I have some pretty high expectations of him as he does of themselves but he's definitely one of our up and comers that is on the young side mean seventeen and still developing and then obviously there's the Raphael Lazard the neckaces that we've been with for quite a while and I think most people know of Kazan truck races now. That were pretty happy about. And then there's there's lots of kids that we actively engage with and develop in all different areas were lucky not geographically focused either because we have teams all over the place and that's helped us engage with maybe some kids we probably wouldn't necessarily always get access to so there's some good kids in California. There's kids racing for Keith in Indiana. There's just there's just a lot of strong drivers out there the thing that's so interesting though. Is that their kids and kids. You never know what's going to happen so it's still development. I mean it's it's People. WanNa say whatever they want to say about how what what it takes to make it? But they're a work ethic focused drive a passionate WanNa do it is all super important to to make it and at some point maintaining that from fourteen fifteen. Sixteen seventeen is very very difficult to do. Know we can talk about it all the time about being focused in wanting it and all that but the proof is in Monday through Friday. And how hard? They're working what they're doing and to to be on top of their game and and for whatever reason at times that lapses and you know you could take a great kid who's Fourteen Jesse. Love is a kid we've been with since he was twelve. I think thirteen stupid. How young that was East we're really excited about him and you know then. There's kids like Geo celts. Who came out of nowhere in dirt and had outlawed program in in our racing with us and pavement. That's a little bit kind of a different road that he traveled and then we have Holly Holland and Greasy Trotter. Who really come aboard and done a really good job in kind of in all of our testing have looked quite good still have a lot of development to do. You know there's there's kids we lost Based on Ford coming in that is painful to so. There's I think there's a lot of good crop of young kids coming out racing and as long as they all continue to work hard developing keep good people around him then hopefully we'll see him down the road. We really good group. We have a good team of kids. it's exciting to them kind of interact with each other watch the quote unquote older kids. Who may not actually be older but have been in higher level than others and back and forth and so he has Jackson. We're really excited about about our kids. You mentioned most of the ones I attend to hit their Jesse loved Yosemite. I think Logan. Cv also part of the lineup. I believe I mean so. Logan was Logan is not as involved now. We still are working through some things to see if there's ways to work together it's just difficult to the process is difficult and how everybody fits in where they go. I mean Logan is ridiculously talented. I mean it's it's just finding the path and making it work is always hard. You know I mean you look at the McNally Lineup or venturing lineup with I mean. You have Corey Haim and drew dollar and Michael Self Austin Hills Rachel H at hr e and in. He's ridiculously good. And He's twenty four with two kids for God's sake so I mean it's awesome right. I mean in in in in Austin Hugely Involved Maximum Laughlin with with a jury in there. There is an amazing group of kids in. What's interesting is we're kind of lucky. We have some really driven dedicated guy who want participate and show up every day. And I mean that's what's crazy about the performance central a lot of those that we talked about minus the group their local to North Carolina. Right you get into dirt kids in our dirt. Kids are Cap. GotTa be the younger kids we've ever had consistently with Daisin Ken McIntosh and Buddy I mean it. Just these they're all babies right in and so they're and they're out. There racing are trying to raise eighty times a year. I mean it's it's just an amazing amazing situation but I think we've been very lucky. I mean part of it is. I think what we've done is a little bit different and and our teams of Baden in. That's been a big part of it. That's it goes back to what I said before. The integration of the teams is pretty special and something. I think I'm probably most proud about. Is that all those teams engage in actively discuss things with each other to try to help develop the drivers.

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