Abducted toddler reunited with parents 32 years later.


A CHINESE MAN. Who was stolen from his family as a toddler has been reunited with his parents after thirty two years. Mao. Yan was snatched in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when he was walking home from nursery with his father aged. Just two and a half. He's parents finally embraced him again on Monday afternoon. In the western city of Chia where he was born after vanished. He's mother Li Jing Z. Quit her job and launched a decades long search for her son that included sending out more than one hundred thousand flies and appearing on numerous television shows after more than three decades tip off in late April finally led to that long awaited reunion. Police received information about a boy from Sheehan who had been sold to a family. Just over three hundred and seventy miles away for six thousand yen. State media reported authorities utilized facial recognition technology to help with the search using toddler photos to create a possible photofit of the adult now and comparing the image to ones in a national database. Dna tests confirmed Malian's identity and on the tenth of May Mother's Day in China. Police told Li that her son had been found. This is the best gift I have ever got. On Mother's Day. She was quoted as saying officials arranged the reunion for just a week later in front of a sizeable crowd and ranks of television cameras. Mao who've been waiting in a side room ran towards his mother when the door was opened. The family embraced all weeping and mouse father. Maoz djing gently kissed his sons forehead. He had lost seen his son when the toddler asked for water and they stopped at the entrance of a hotel to get some renamed. Goon Ning Mao had been brought up in the city of Mianyang in neighbouring Sichuan Province. Without any idea he was the target of a decades long high-profile surge. Child kidnapping has been a problem in China for decades. Some of the miners snatched from their parents have been directly exploited by adult criminals and coerced into begging pickpocketing forced labour all the sex trade others have fed a market for DOPP. Dis both among Chinese couples. Who want to son and from ages seeking the lodge donations that foreign adoptive parents are obliged to make abductors have included family. Planning authorities who under China's one child policy had powers to seize children from parents who exceeded their quotas.

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