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A dime you know and it was just fun and at the time i go to that next. Namm show with irwin and his son was there. Mike berg who runs it now. Mike was like fifteen or sixteen and we just teased him unmercifully. Mike and he's a great kid. He's running the whole shebang. Now is pretty much retired and what he's done with it now. I mean those cases he puts out the hyde park cases really. They're great and all the colors and at the time even erwin would he did to get tuxedo produced he was. He still used a in the united states to mysolar in california actually and then he set up his own sewing factory in east chicago. Indiana where burgers and then it got so big where he set up instill has his own bad company. They make the bed in china directly his. He's not having somebody in china make it. He set up his own sewing operations in china and as far as soft bags of concern and they've made other types now. They got the tuxedo. They had the fuzzy kind. You have different levels of of soft bags now. yeah basically. I could tuxedo bags. Still own exactly the same way. And they're the largest gig bag company in the world. Yeah absolutely and and i mean if they were kind of known are known as the hard cases then why not include the most high quality soft bag under the umbrella. So i think you you obviously chose the right. You know yeah. It was a natural extension for them. Yeah yeah that's great. I mean and and it's sounds like you had a great time and like like you said you had fun you. I'm sure could support yourself with yup as a job selling these cases and boom you're in the industry and And all that stuff so so where does it stand today. obviously so so in burgas still making them all. Yeah they still make tuxedo If you look on their website or the catalogue they still show it. You know they like. I said they make a couple of other lesser quality bags. Pretty much sewn close to it but the fabric can stuff is a little different than different price points for different music stories. Now and era even few months ago called me up. You know just out of the blue. Hey how you doing. If i see something that mike post on his facebook page. I you know i always say so. Hey partner what's going on. You know..

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