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Absolutely that's a good question I think that it's


You in a second but let's start with lance my biggest surprise about this entire project is just getting lands to commit to doing it because there have been other documentaries about this stuff that have not included lance actually sitting down for it so how how did they get plans to commit to something like this well it is not I mean I'm looking at thirteen part one already which airs at nine o'clock on Sunday and it's not just that he committed like he is hold on jumping into the pool cannonball style commitment like you there's there's not you know he sat down to do an interview which you see sometimes with sort of a scandal like this was a talent returning if you like this is the following a documentary style multiple interviews very very candid this is how I feel this is when I don't this is when I started this is how we did it this way I got it it's it's very much just sort of like ripping the band aid off and and one thing it's sort of like the Michael Jordan documentary there's a lot of parallels but there's also a fast contrast but one of the parallels is we know this person's athletic achievements but not so much about that person and I almost March but could draw a parallel between the tissues and like the live strong arm bands with with sort of like these products that were in our state or parts of culture but the human behind them we didn't really understand and lance I do understand a lot better after watching it any kind of a jerk it's kind of a jerk you learn Danny speaking of that the candor and honesty that he displays and part one do you feel like that'll change people's perspective and perception of of lance after seeing this documentary absolutely that's a good question I think that it's going to change but it changes different then turn around you know I mean like if you were one of those who said he's a cheater she was terrible as an athlete I would never cheat code against this unspoken code in honoring if you felt that way it's you're not going to walk away for at least part one is greater self you know what now I see life through a whole different perspective and he was kind of doing what he had to do search you know excel and you know he has these two medications that drove me to that now but I think that it's not going to change your mind about him but he left so much enemy so honest about the cheating in the cancer and the competition in the sport cycling itself that you have more respect for him after you watch it Jacobi and we're talking to Jacoby David Kobe a half one half of the great jewel of Jaylen Jacoby about yes means thirty for thirty lance again which will premiere on Sunday at nine eastern six Pacific on ESPN television did you get the sense that he felt just like he was unstoppable right like or in the in this regard because cycling it was a niche sport is a niche sport but he made it a mainstream sport like we as Americans cared about cycling in a way we never cared about cycling did did he come across as invincible in his own mind because of what he was able to accomplish not only on the cycling turf but as as far as beating the cancer yeah I mean it's that particular part of his life and and like I forget a lot of the details again sort of like a falcon last dance where you remember the shopper you kind of forget the steel on the loan before the shot you know and and with your members if you remember the cancer in Africa how close he was to dying and I forgot how hard it was for him to get back into cycling and then I also forgot the scandal that preceded him winning his first post cancer on two fronts in ninety eight there was a big doping scandal and others do with lance Armstrong so they thought the ninety nine would be this clean race really what you learn is that the writers because they want you

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Absolutely that's a good question I think that it's

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