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Go out and the old bathrobe before the coffee and i throw bread to the goals they always wait for me to like pet birds by now but i've noticed something unique which is that now the pelicans are coming in after the fires it seems that something has gone wrong in the ecosystem because the pelicans are now is hungry as the goals and i never do pelicans to be scavengers while segel's are scavengers we know that and these glorious birds the pelicans were now competing with the sea goals for the bread that i threw them but the story was not about the competition between various species of birds it was about the fact that neither of them killed each other the pelicans which are ten times larger than the seagulls could easily killed a seagulls in the air when they go for the bread but they don't what happens is that the pelicans come in these large be ones of the bird world and they land and the other guys just got bob away but they don't kill them and i was trying to say that these species of birds have more dignity than we do yes they competing for scraps of bread but they don't kill each other over it manas much lower than birds managed is much lower than birds there was a time in my life when liberals and conservatives disagreed they even may be raised their voices but they they would never liked the drug addicts on campuses today who are so selfrighteous in their hatred that they dare come on a college campus at university california santa cruz right in my backyard so to speak where a group of college republicans were meeting not nazis college republicans and these selfrighteous s obese calling themselves progressives roque into the meeting in the library started to scream nazis offcampus nazis offcampus one of the boy stood up and said i'm a democrat i voted for hillary clinton they said we don't care you're here you're a nazi he tried to reason with these fascistic progressives there was no reasoning and i realized that we now living not in a very dangerous age we've been in a very dangerous age ever since obama was foisted upon us by forces we will never ever on this day in and where.

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