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Thank you for listening to native America calling. I'm Sean spruce. We're talking to native cannabis advocates and business owners with news and updates on cannabis. If you have any questions or comments, you'd like to make about your community in cannabis, please join our conversation at one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8 or just dial one 809 9 native or swipe it down your touch touchpad there. Touch screen either way, we'll get the call. I producers will get you on the air with your comments. Let's go to our next guest, Gary farmer, who is on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Gary, again, thank you for joining us. And tell us more about your cannabis advocacy work, how long have you been working on behalf of the cannabis industry? Well, probably the last year or two, but I've been an active user and purveyor, especially of the hemp in trying to increase hemp farming in North America and beyond were you ever hesitant to talk about your cannabis use publicly? Oh, for sure. There's a huge stigma as you mentioned about the usage of cannabis, but I always, you know, I think Floyd red crow westerman was the one who kind of socialized me to much of what Mary Jane was talking about as a young former, I also backed away from alcohol some 40 years ago and it was a great methodology for me to relax in a world that I was kind of born into an industrial age. So it helped me understand a lot. Now, everybody, especially I think some of our younger listeners will know you as the character uncle brownie on res dogs. I know, you know, this is just the latest character and a long string of classic characters that you've portrayed over the years in service to end in country. And I think what a lot of people get a kick out of with uncle brownie is he's this kind of eccentric pothead and I just gotta ask him, is there some uncle brownie in your own personal life, Gary? Oh, why for sure? It's been an inspired plan for me. And I didn't start till legal age, around 20, 21. And ever since then, I've been a user and purveyor of encourage especially the hemp plant itself because we're in a battle with carbon dioxide in the air and the hemp plant is what the 7th generation can use to bring the earth back to some normalcy in terms of the environment. Now, you talked earlier about alcohol, abstaining from alcohol. You know, a lot of people will make this comparison between alcohol and cannabis and say that they will argue that cannabis is a healthier alternative. It's a more natural alternative. It's a better alternative. Do you feel that way that folks are, would you like to see more folks put away the bottle, put away the alcohol in exchange for cannabis? Do you think that's a healthier profile? Why for sure? I mean, you can see the impact of alcohol. We fought my own people. At the beginning of the invasion, 500 years ago fought, that's how the year on God wiped out they were the first infected because they traded rum for beaver at the time. They wanted to pelt of the beaver and they traded rum for it and that disease the people there and we had to go wipe that out. We thought it was a disease that we could clear, but look at the impact on our community alone. The tragedy, you know, that we've had to face in our homes and lives. Especially growing up today industrial age because a lot of our people were the immigrant as it were. Migrant workers who built the nation and that drug. Alcohol is caused so many social issues that we're still reeling from. Well, Gary, today, of course, four 20 and this is a very significant day for folks users yourself who are advocates for cannabis. And how do you celebrate a day like today? I remember back in the day when it was illegal in so many areas it was kind of this day when people would just publicly go out and in partake. And now in so many areas where it's legal, it doesn't really have that same stigma, it's not you don't risk going to jail anymore. So how about you? I mean, do you make any special note of four 20? Oh, sure. I'll probably write a song today. Based around the day like I wrote from my last CD, I always celebrate along with some of our other comrades like Willie Nelson and the late Floyd red crow westerman and the late Charlie hill and the late John Trudeau. You know, these were all my contemporaries that I truly missed on a day like today. And Willie Nelson, a long time advocate on behalf of cannabis. So when was the last time we talked to Willie? I'm sorry. I didn't hear that. When was the last time you spoke with Willie Nelson? Oh, it's been a lifetime, but my guitar playing friend Derrick Miller went down and recorded some music with Willie a couple of years back. So we maintain a relationship. Right now, you are on set. This new movie coming out resident alien, what can you tell us about it? Well, that's a third season for sci-fi series, actually. It's not a film. It's a long running series. We love making it and it's on the sci-fi network every year. You can catch those. I think there's about 30 episodes out there right now. All righty, resident alien sci-fi series and it's on peacock as well to the third season. Let's go ahead and go to our phones now. We've got Chandra, who is listening on key Lee in pine ridge. Hello chanukah. Hey, both of us. Shawn, let me advocate something real serious. Very farmer. Take my number down, 605-517-2621. And Sean, if you can reiterate my number to him later on the show before closing, I appreciate Gary, I need you to call me. First of all, a lot of the occult of people who are on the primary union reservation do not agree to this cannabis disbursement of creating these little head shots, okay? Now keep in mind people. If the great mystery not that your door and he said, sure, you're in a smoke a bull with me, what your answer is going to be.

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