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Alone. Bear a pair a great big bear wandering through the wood. The old bear beating all he could. Great big they're wandering through. He liked share eight. Found some berries free as or just the thing. He did see the B O it gave him quite a sting. He through the trees into law get flu. And though it. He tried to crash. Came swarming out. All gave a hundred stings not bear jumped in the street. I'll just do scape. And he learned that day. Oh, his lesson. And he's spore better to let when barb golden urn a hundred four and Tom. Tumble on. He walked. Bear bear, a great big bear wandering through would Babb stole bear eating. Good. The and. Today's story honeybear was an adaptation of a traditional fable written for you by Daniel Hynes and perform for you buy me, Amanda Weldon with a song bias both. If you would like to support stories podcast, you can leave us a five star review on I tunes. Make monthly donation. Patriot dot com slash stories or simply tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening.

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