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Phase up and the market has had a rough day. So far, we'll take a look at the numbers in just a moment, but first WG and traffic Here's Mary Vandevelde, Eden's okay in both directions up on Kennedy. Some delays into Nagel about 24 minutes to the airport, but 36 coming in from O'Hare and 20 from the Eaton's Eisenhower, 40 in from 3 90 about 24 from Mannheim. And inbound side of Stevenson in good shape up on a bit of a back up into Kedzie, the bishop Ford accident, Sibley is off to the side West Side. An accident. Polina and the Eisenhower also in Elgin Randall, south of I 90 and on Route 31, south of Kimble in Bensenville, another accident at Grand and York. Miranda about the VPN traffic, central Indoor Dining and Bar Services will resume and will and Kankakee counties at five o'clock today. Here's WG ends Lauren Laptop Governor Pritzker in the Department of Public Health just announced the lift stricter mitigation efforts in region seven. The restrictions came late last month after three straight days of a Koven 19 positivity rate registering above 8%. Today that rolling average is at just under 6% willing, Kinky counties can now have larger gatherings as well. Statewide positivity right is at 3.6%. Lauren Latka, W G. M News and Illinois remains over 2000 new covert cases for a second straight day more on this from WG ends Ryan Burrow, the Illinois Department of Public Health Reporting. 2120 confirmed cases of covert 19 over the last day, including 20 additional deaths..

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