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To keep selling the jacket. Just won't be personal. We're going to be personalized if you beat it by today. But I see, I would hope. Jacket for me, but you know the trend of having to like prove your worth to buy more stuff. All right. That's all the Nintendo news. This actually just started breaking kind of over the break. And I pulled what details I could find, but Capcom has announced that they are shuttering. Capcom Vancouver. Yeah, which was blue castle blue once upon a time for for some racing games that they did before before they. And became Capcom Vancouver. I was gonna say blue planet, but I don't think that's it. Castle castle castle. Okay. Yeah. Oh, yeah. They did the bigs, right? And they'll be front office manager. Capcom pick them up and they've, they've done the last three dead rising games. They put out a press release or anything or yes, one hundred and fifty. Eight people like me losing their jobs. The says, a skeleton crew will remain until July or January twenty nineteen to finalise closure operations. They also did that mobile puzzle fighter game, Jason now shutting down already shutdown. Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to the US coast right up there, San Francisco. And yeah, there's there's crazy housing crisis up there to talk his story on this ad mentioned that maybe people who've been slide out to Vancouver where maybe some other jobs for a little while now. So what us dead rising four and that was a year, gosh, that was close to two years ago. They made anything since then. I don't believe so. Fame out since deal. Apparently they really had stuff in production because Capcom part of Capcom statement said that they expect to lose roughly forty million dollars in cancelling the projects that were in progress fucking we got Mosser hundred money now. So I wonder if they were working. So here's, here's a. What if they were working on dead rising? Five? And Microsoft said, now we're good because if you think about it, the last couple of dead rising games were Microsoft first projects made right. Four was as well eighty. Microsoft rolled in and said, we, we are. We are no longer interested in in paying you to develop another rising game for us. And then Capcom said, like, again, I have no idea. That's just there are billion different as gone. Sure, because I look at it and go like, man, those last couple driving games. We're not great. I know you like three threes, threes, not bad. I was super into three was okay, just started. It felt like it was losing its identity. And here that came out until like a year after it was I don't remember much about west was back. You've covered wars. True. Four was just such a strange thing completely re characterized him. Yeah, he just felt like a different person and different structure onto Frank west. I fell in love with walking on not not use a pretty entertaining character in his own. Right. It's just not not the Frank west. I remember. Yeah. Shame condolences to everyone who lost their job. And then you were saying, I didn't see this of this that they said that they're refocusing development in Asaka. They've been hiring up in Asaka. They're going to be opening RND center there as well. Maybe this was kind of their only studio outside of the mother was there. I think they're one big western studio. But yeah, with monster, hunter being the most successful for put out. You could see why they would want to ramp up their, maybe whatever project they're working on, just wasn't coming together and Capcom looking at it and independently..

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