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That the Cup pitching is keeping the Reds offense, powerful offense, keeping them down. Nobody on the Cubs get hit, accept Chris Bryant. He had three hits yesterday, including a home run. Then he made the final out of the game in the ninth inning when the Cubs were down three to I wonder if Cub fans are relieved. That this is happening before the trade deadline, so maybe they can make some moves for the future. Because it's one of those things right? You want to see your team do well, but if you went past if you did well past that trade deadline, then all of a sudden it's like Oh, yeah. You're stuck. So is it something that at least you take solace in that? Because indications are they're gonna be sellers now. Well, there was a scene in the movie for those who remember the movie airplane. I mean, most people are a lot of people out there listening. They're saying, Of course we remember. And then there's the younger people. When did you see airplanes I have seen here, okay? Well, there's there's some great parents have their kids watch that because it's just funny. There's some great bridge. I mean, it's very politically incorrect. I don't think that it doesn't play now. Probably not so much. But there's a seat. There's a lot of several scenes in a movie with light bridges. In the, uh in the tower where he says many times, I think I think you know, I think a bad time to stop sniffing glue and you know all these things. It comes picked a bad time to go on an eight game losing streak because the Milwaukee Brewers won their 11th in a row yesterday. Now three of those games were against the Cubs, but that's a bad time to lose eight straight. When the team was chasing you that elite that only human? Oh, my God. Right now, The Cubs are not insect first anymore. They're not in second anymore. The Cubs are actually in third place now. After losing yesterday, the Cincinnati Reds passed him up. Milwaukee has an eight game lead over the Reds, the Cubs rate and a half back. The eight game lead by Milwaukee is the largest lead in any division, a major league baseball. And what we can have two weeks ago. The Cubs are at first. Yeah. Bad time. Fast. Fall a bad time. Very, very bad. Bad time to lose eight straight. Now we can always happen. I know that people are talking to resolve about and everybody else about it. They're continuing to strike out. They struck out 13 more times yesterday. They're not hitting the ball again. I mentioned it eight straight games that eight straight 20 straight games with Less than eight hits last yesterday, had seven. You can't win. If you are hard to get it. If you don't hit and this Cubs team now, hopefully they're getting Nico quarterback soon, which will be nice for a lot of reasons. It's nice to see him back. It's nice to see he's one guy on the team that actually bust his tail works hard. I love watching him play. I love watching Contreras play. Some of the young guys and even some of the older guys Patrick wisdom. He's a guy that will hit the long ball. If he gets, you know, if they make a mistake, he'll do that. But pictures are learning that he's a guy who can do that little pitch around right. These these guys are coming up and on the south side, you got sheets. You know he's tearing it up. But is that going to last? No, They're going to figure him out. Well, you would think you were that weekend and those elite players. Are able to get past that. But you just never know. And you were talking about how we get upset about on the South side 55 in a row. We win right and and then all of a sudden we lose. I think it's because we see that and we just like, assume that maybe this is the start of a bad streak. What we saw again always do And and and that's the danger of that. But we know this team is good enough to come back after a loss like that. And do some damage. But again, it's Detroit. You know what? We're going to play Baltimore soon. I want to see the socks dominate good teams. Yeah, I know that's that's the real test. Well, they don't have a lot of good teams They're playing against not before the all Star As soon as you all star breaks over, they get to host the Houston Astros, who swept them in Houston, and we're going to need that really bad. That would be a fun series right after the All Star break, 3312332 3776 will be Giolito against Matt Manning that came at noon today. The constant Hendrix against Wade Miley. We'll talk to more baseball will get to your calls 3123323776 and we'll hear from Dallas critical about his complaint about the way the outfielders are being positioned, and he did try to say, Well, I'll let you hear it. We come back after this and ESPN 1000 You're listening to read.

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