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Down the mid seventies partly to mostly cloudy tonight low sixty one a few showers even a thunderstorm late tonight or early tomorrow morning very warm tomorrow a little bit more humid clouds and summer up to eighty three definitely feeling like summer maybe a shower thunderstorm late in the day and at night even warmer Monday clouds and some thunderstorm around especially the afternoon high eighty eight to record ninety set back in twenty twelve Orin Stevie Tuesday thunderstorm around eighty eight a couple showers Wednesday high eighty three this is accu weather meteorologist John fear can WWJ newsradio nine fifty sixty eight degrees right now partly cloudy skies in Detroit's traffic and weather together on the gates another update on the way at three eighteen W. W. J. news time it's three eleven

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Right now in Manhattan we've got partly sunny skies it's sixty seven degrees

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Loop forty five it's windows

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Next update at less than ten

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North of the G. W. B. that

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Through Suffolk or moving well

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Coverage switch today and get ready to upgrade your life step up with boost mobile

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Company and affiliates pricing

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The kids can he eight seven because he

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W. O. R. weather channel forecast sunshine here for the afternoon up to seventy one today northwesterly breeze

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That delays also continued

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