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Governor Cuomo announcing the


Loss of their loved ones the governor urged new Yorkers to keep social distancing and wearing masks but he cautioned that despite the fact New York state has made a lot of progress we should expect things to get back to normal anytime soon I can't do this anymore we have to do it more we have to continue to do it and this new normal we're going to have to do it for a long time the talking about the fall they're talking about a possible second way we have to get back to activity but we have to do it in a different way a smarter way mayor de Blasio is sounding even more confident that New York City can start reopening in early June here Scott Pringle and there continues to be please with steady progress being made with court of iris hospitalization and testing data it shows New York city should be able to start phase one of re opening soon which includes construction manufacturing and retail curbside pickup I'm just look at these numbers I'm look as consistency of them I'm looking are indicators the state indicators I said everything's pointing to either the first or second week in June applause you know says the only thing that appears will prevent this people get undisciplined and start to lose track of their standards and we start to see a resurgence I'm Scott Pringle W. O. R. news in sports the jets signed Joe Flacco to backup Sam Darnold at quarterback the former Super Bowl MVP spent last season with the Denver Broncos Flacco is

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Governor Cuomo announcing the

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