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There right now nineteen thousand eight hundred forty five laboratory confirmed cases of coronavirus in Minnesota thirteen thousand no longer need isolation with five hundred sixty eight hospitalized at two hundred fifteen in intensive care the number of fatal cases reported is up ten from a day ago to eight hundred fifty two for the second straight day more than seven thousand tests were completed in the state bringing the grand total to nearly one hundred ninety thousand which covers little more than three percent of the state's population L. shock news talking three WCCO once again that press conference with the governor Tim walls under way now you can stream it live at WCCO radio dot com as Minneapolis institute to mask requirement most indoor places starting Tuesday Minnesota department of health officials stand by the evidence that they cut down on transmission what we're encouraging is for people not only to think about themselves but their neighbors use the the impact of our individual decisions on each other and to that extent it isn't only a matter of personal freedom it's a matter of the impact that we have on each other health commissioner Jan Malcolm says cloth masks are not open and not there are common sense but with evidence of community spread

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I Marc Frank governor Tim

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