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Center all right thank you J. things looking pretty good right now one the school expressway that's some good news both directions not seeing any issues but if you are west on the vine expressway that is a bit slow from the parkway after the school market so just look out for that and we go up to the Pottstown area really quickly because I'm taking a look at route one hundred north bound with a four twenty two traffic pretty backed up I'm going to take a look at the camper there that we now have access to it may be an accent or disabled vehicle causing a delay the PA turnpike northeast extension all looking good no delays in the king of Prussia the Caltech in Henderson road look out for crash there in Abington another one one Ferndale have and wells road and then east Norriton you've got one on Germantown pike it trooper road and that one is causing a delay as well police on the scene no issues right now heading over any of the area bridges in New Jersey no major issues on the Jersey turnpike where the forty two freeway mass transit on or close to schedule next update less than ten minutes and Carly knows it's in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center thank you so much Carrie and now we go to the NBC ten first alert forecast from meteorologist Krystal klei good afternoon we had a rainy start this morning we still have a few more showers and storms possible especially

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