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An extra derby chair could be the lump special. no brian. anthony davis her podcast teaser. What's going on brian. How are you. i'm all above tonight. Feeling good stay scope. Brian took my line all right. We're going to try to keep that stuff to part two. We said that in in this month of not having as much to talk about not a lot of news we were going to do the fun stuff and part party. So we'll try to keep the beehive commentary to a minimum. Can't say it's not going to be talked about but it'll be at a minimum all right. The only news that talked about today was that the steelers signed a backup kicker I view this as a nasty right type signing. They need an extra leg in camp. You wanna have someone. That's familiar with the system. In case chris boswell gets heard before we talk about the dave. My question is it did the nfl. Brian maybe you know this. I shouldn't assume that it's just a the. Nfl say they're going to have expanded practice. Squad rosters again in twenty twenty one. They it's not official. But it from anything that i've heard but it was the discussion and both sides wanted so as it does happen. I don't know that it's they've made the official announcement about him. Sit in that makes sense that the steelers would have another kicker on the roster. They could keep that kicker on the practice squad in case of injury and they could promote them if they had to. That's what they did last year. But we'll see. We'll see. Brian thoughts on the kicker being side in its sloman. What's his first name. I forget stam stan. I don't know what his name is. here's an sam. Sludge band clam milan. Ooh that was almost my radio. Brian malone was almost my radio name back in nineteen ninety because of sam malone so but then it became something different. So you first of all when we're talking about the practice squads if that happens it's a win win for both sides. Dave said both sides wanted. I think that's fantastic. Because being able to protect these guys even if you you know you protected four last year that might go down a little bit but even if it does if you could protect to. That's still a pretty good deal for you to be able to do that each and every week. Make sure somebody doesn't fly the coop. That's kind of like it that way. You know it's a win. It gives more guys opportunities to make in this league as well so i would love to see them do that. We saw it last year. The punter i mean cordless weightman was on this team all year. Long up as a practice squad player and he had a job all he would have not normally had a job but bringing in sam sloman what it does is it gives chris boswell a chance to relax during camp still be on guard but relax and i mean you don't have to put all the wear and tear on him. Give give a kid a chance to not just stick with your team on the practice squad but go the route of auditioning for thirty one other clubs if you have a nice preseason then you get a job elsewhere. Let's think about this. This put it this way. i mean. Think about the past two times. The steelers have had part-time kickers in some capacity in a regular season radi bullock in matthew right last season both of them became kickers. Now with the bengals draft kicker so bullets going to be looking for work but still matthew right. It was the detroit. Lions in my right dave that picked him up and gave him a contract in see if he can kick for them. I don't think he's made the team yet but still it was. It was one of those season moves like right. After the season ended their players go into reserve contracts and stuff future deals anyways dave. What are your thoughts on the new kicker anything. Well that's what. I brought up in our slack channel about that. This has nothing to do with chris. Boswell and competition there. This is all about making him not get overworked in through training camp with practices pre-season games and everything which does allow somebody else to showcase what they can do that. It's it's not a controversy. Anything like well. Then why would someone want to do that. They don't really have a chance to make team. You're having a chance to show what you can do. Because they don't want to overwork boswell and of story and you are correct matt right. It was with the detroit. Lions okay all right. So enough kicker talk We're going to talk about something which i'm actually excited zog because for some reason Coming into this draft the twenty twenty one nfl draft. I just wasn't that excited about it. i don't know why was. Maybe i was just kind of thinking that the steelers with the salary cap decreasing. But i've really come to have high hopes for this draft class and even as the draft was going on. You're thinking this player might be good a few years down the road but how many of these players are going to be an impact player this season and so. That's kind of the crux of where we up with. Today's podcast. today's topic. Is we want to rank the rookies in order of importance. Not for the future but for twenty twenty one so all three of us. We have the list of the nine rookies in. We rank them. Drown drafted rookies greg. We're gonna talk about undrafted. Rookies separately with the draft drafted. Rookies one through nine. We ranked one being the most important nine being the least or gonna go from lease to the most important in. I think that some might sit. Say well this is gonna be. Everyone knows no one's going to be not necessarily not necessarily before we get started. Let me refresh. Everyone's memory of the nine draft picks in order for found technology harris. Second round pick pat fri- third round pick kendrick green and then two fourth round. Pick stanmore junior. In buddy johnson fifth round take isaiah louder milk sixth round pick quincy rochet cue from the u. Two sevens round picks traynor would an presley harbin third. Okay so what are you gonna do this from or to go around the horn and we're gonna do from the what we feel is the least important for this season again. I can't stress this enough this season. We might be saying that this player could be great two years. We're not talking about two years this season. let's start. We'll go brian. dave. And then i'll china's well that'll be the order that we go into brian. You go first..

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