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Freedom in Dave. Janet dot com are growing and expanding our freedom based platform, we have launched a new premium service at Dave Janet dot com. Premium service includes premium member only twenty four seven access to the podcast every Sunday operation freedom show, premium members, also have exclusive access via archives to every operation freedom show since October twenty ten membership includes an exclusive access to a new insider insight show hosted by Dr day gender every week each. Insider insight show includes an opening analysis of political events followed by an indepth interview featured guest premium members also have access to our department of advanced research show, hosted by Nick Rowe as this show utilizes Knicks extensive experience and expertise in the world of technology. Bottom line, folks, the monthly cost is less than my favorite deal, Costco, pizza, or in other words, it only costs thirty cents a day. The premium service is the biggest information bang for the buck by hope. You will join our freedom fighter team is a premium member service subscriber, please click on the link at Dave Janet dot com. Lots of people have eaten at the famous nights steakhouse. But did you know they also do catering the night family has been a local institution in Arbor since nineteen fifty two when Ray Knight returned from the US army and purchase the neighborhood grocery store where you've worked as a teenager. Ray was passionate about offering his customers the highest quality meats at fair prices and eventually expanded the grocery store into a very popular butcher shop in the sixties. Ray began catering everything from small picnics to parties at Boesch mbacke lers house. All these years later nights catering has remained.

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