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Senior NTSB engineer Matthew fox says the crack may have been difficult to see it is likely the crack was not detectable by the fluorescent penetrant inspection conducted at the time of the fan blades sets last overhaul Boeing was told to redesign of Florida engine casing Clayton Nevil WBAP news in today's impeachment hearings for president Donald Trump democratic congressman Eric Swalwell asked if the president wanted to investigate former vice president Joe Biden how many times when you talk to your training account counterparts did you ask them to investigate the bites never Sir why not service is not a policy objective that I was aware of the hearings continue tomorrow former fort worth police chief Jole fitz Gerald says he let residents down when he was fired earlier this year while testifying in a court hearing today fitz Gerald implied things went down hill after he left the department the people don't trust the city of fort worth the people don't trust their safety in the city of fort worth and that was not being said pitch Gerald is now suing the city to get his job back claiming he was fired because he was investigating alleged allegations on city corruption a judge is expected to decide this week at fort worth can hire a new chief while fitz Gerald pursues the lawsuit two jail guards charged with falsifying prison records the nine Jeffrey up sting killed himself have pleaded not guilty a grand jury indictment made public Tuesday excuse guards Tobin knoll and Michael Thomas of feeling to perform checks on have seen every half hour and of fabricating log entries that insurance deputies arrested two people for the murder of a woman whose body was found near heard near Denton creek twenty year old Jane Harris disappeared in October two teams fishing near Denton creek found her body earlier this month share of Tracy make Murphy says they arrested Harris's ex boyfriend twenty one year old Tanner Brock and his new girlfriend twenty seven year old Kristen cure Stan Ross they're both charged with murder she had evidence of have been assaulted and also had the multiple stab wounds to that was kind of one of the reasons snowing Mr brought history of the sultan women and their relationship were kind of looking at him from the word go Paris Lees behind a husband and two children Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street the Dow down one hundred two points to finish at twenty seven nine thirty four nasdaq up twenty one the S. and P. five hundred dropped nearly to finish at.

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